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Most popular ASP. NET for CMS download

1. Umbraco

Project Address | Download

Umbraco is an open source CMS Content management system, built on ASP, using MSSQL to store data. Using Umbraco, designers can create effective XHTML markup templates and developers can create any. NET-based modules. Key features include:

    • Beautiful, user-friendly interface
    • Integrated WYSIWYG Editor
    • Support for editing in Microsoft Word
    • All source code available (open source)
    • Super Simple template engine
    • Full support for web standards
2. N2 Core Engine

Project Address | Download
N2 is a lightweight CMS framework that helps you build a large site that everyone can update. Web content editors will enjoy a simple and powerful web interface, while developers will enjoy a friendly API which makes building stations fast and fun.

3. DotNetNuke

Project Address | Download

Brief introduction

DotNetNuke is a very good set of ASP. NET-based open source portal programs.
Very good. facilitates rapid development of. NET WebForm.

Back to top features and features

User-friendly-dotnetnuke projects designed to make it easier for users to manage all aspects. Site wizards, help icons, and the user interface in a good research foundation, let the universal easy to use operation.
Powerful-dotnetnuke can support multiple subsites. Manage all subwebs through the host account, and each subweb has its own administrator, giving managers any number of sites-each member has its own look and identity
Feature-rich-dotnetnuke comes preloaded with a set of built-in tools that provide powerful pieces of functionality. Web hosting, design, content, security and selection of members are all easily managed and customized through these tools.
Support for-dotnetnuke is the core development team that supports it and a dedicated international community. Through user groups, online forums, resource portals and representatives of web companies, they specialize in DNN and support can always be kept in sight.
Easy to install-DotNetNuke can be installed in minutes. Simply download the software from and follow the installation instructions.
Localization-dotnetnuke includes a multi-lingual localization feature that makes it easy for administrators to make their projects and portals available in any language.
Open source-dotnetnuke is provided free of charge because of the open source code software, and the licensed next standard B SD protocol. It allows individuals to do whatever they want with the application framework, both commercially and non-commercialized, with simple requirements to give credit back to the DotNetNuke project.
Frontier-dotnetnuke provides users with an opportunity to learn best-practice development Skills-module authoring, modular packaging, debugging methods, and more-all while leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as a s p. net2.0, Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005 Express.
The extensible-dotnetnuke is capable of creating the most complex content management system, fully compliant with its built-in features, but also enables system administrators to effectively work with add-ons, third party rallies, and custom tools. The Personalization and functionality of the website is unlimited.

Back to the top of the development

Recognized-dotnetnuke is a trademark name, a brand that is widely recognized and respected in the open source community. With more than 600,000 registered users and a talented development team, DotNetNuke continues to follow its software through participation, real-world trials, and end-user feedback.
DotNetNuke is built on the Microsoft ASP. NET ( platform. The most recently released version is 5.5,6.0 development (core code will use C #)

4. Gallery Server Pro.

Project Address | Download

Gallery Server Pro is a complete, stable, ASP. NET photo album for sharing photos, videos, audio, and other media, this article showcases its overall style and key features.


Gallery Server Pro is a powerful and convenient ASP. NET Web application that enables you to share, process photos, videos, audio and other files on the web.

. Stable, product ready

You can use any browser to organize your media files into albums, and you can add, edit, delete, rotate, organize, copy, and move them at your own discretion.

You can easily add thousands of files with one-click Sync and zip download. The thumbnail and compact versions are created automatically.

. Strong user security, with flexible per-volume granularity?

. Integrated with DotNetNuke and other frameworks to provide an advanced media album
. Picture metadata Extraction? The following formats are supported: EXIF, XMP, TEXt, IFD, and IPTC.

The search function asks for title, letter, file name, and picture metadata.

A watermark with its own text and/or pictures attached to the picture.

. Ajax's richer and more flexible interface

. Convenient network-based installation

. Use SQL Server 2000 or a higher level as the database. Support for MSDE 2000 and SQL Server 2005 Express.

. Use ASP. NET member vendor so that you can fuse existing accounts, including active Directory.

The data entry uses the vendor model, which allows the use of other databases such as MySQL, MS Access, or Oracle instead of SQL Server.

The managed code is all written in C # and ASP. NET 2.0.

The source code is released under the open source GNU General Public License.

All pages Target XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS 2.1 standards to ensure maximum compatibility.

You can use online demo of Gallery Server Pro to feel its compatibility, provides a precompiled version as well as some additional information and a support forum.


This project is based on the 2002 I want to put photos on the internet to share the desire. I think my photos are kept on my own server, not on other people's servers, such as EasyShare or Shutterfly. Since there was no free solution available at that time, I wrote it myself.

January 2006 I launched the first edition to the world, the response is very good, the number of downloads more than 30,000 times. 2006 and 2007 Most of the time I was working on the second edition, re-writing the code in a group that uses the new ASP. NET 2.0 feature.

It includes ASP. Membership, Roles, Profiles, generics,the data provider model, and several well-known design patterns (strategy, iterator, factory, Template method, and composite)

In this article, I'll show the overall design and main features of Gallery Server Pro. If you want to know more, here are a few topics that will help:

Use Web albums to share photos, videos, audio, and other files.

Using ASP. Membership, Roles and profile API

Use the integrated design pattern to infinitely handle hierarchical relationships, typically media and albums, but it is also used for employee/boss relationships, regulatory materials, data/catalog relationships, and other similar structural projects.

. When and how to use the policy design pattern.

. Use the Data delivery mode under ASP. NET 2.0.

Use flexible techniques to submit explicit HTML to browsers based on browser type and object type to be submitted

. Use. NET 2.0 technology and new. NET 3.0 WPF to intercept metadata from pictures

Use Gallery Server Pro

Gallery Server Pro is a fully functional and stable network application for product use.

1. Download and compile the source code in this article or download the compiled version. Then deploy the compiled Web application to the destination Web server.

2. Use Internet Project address Services (IIS) Manager to configure the directory as a Web application. Ensure that the application runs under ASP. NET 2.0.

3. If you are using an IIS version earlier than IIS 7, make sure that the wrong file is set to Default.aspx. IIS 7 Users can skip this step.

4. Use Windows Explorer to apply the permissions of the "modify" config and the mediaobjects directory to the IIS user account.

5. Use SQL management tools such as SQL Management Studio (SQL Server 2005) or SQL Enterprise Manager (SQL Server 2000) to create a new, empty database.

6. Use a Web browser to navigate to the Installer directory to initiate a network-based installation. For example, if you install the file to C:\inetpub\wwwroot\gs\, the URL is http://localhost/gs/installer/

7. Follow the installation Wizard steps to install. When you're done, you're ready to use Gallery Server Pro.

Gallery Server Pro Stores media such as photos, videos, audio, and files in albums. These files and albums are stored in a directory named mediaobjects under the network application (it can change the address on the Web server). A photo album is just a directory, so storing a photo album named vacation photos is very similar to the name of the catalog.

There are two important tips for adding media objects:

1. Upload a zip file that includes the media file. If the zip file contains a directory, it's turned into an album.

2. Copy your media files to the media directory and start syncing in Gallery Server Pro?.

The following steps occur when you add a media object:

1. Save the file to the media catalog. (This step is complete if the media is added via Sync technology)

2. The thumbnail photo is created and saved to the hard drive.

3. Picture, compressed broadband version? The metadata, such as the camera model and the shutter speed, is extracted.

4. A record will be added to the database to represent this media object.

The media is streamed to the browser via an HTTP processor. Below you can see a photo and a video that is being demonstrated. If the watermark is valid, the watermark will be added to the memory version of the photo before the photo and video is uploaded.

5. BlogEngine.NET

Project Address | Download

BlogEngine.NET is an open-source. NET Blog project. The whole project is developed in C #, its structure is relatively simple, but it is easy to expand, it is less complex and easy to customize. The extended features are mainly reflected in the following three areas:

1.Widget Gadgets
2.Extension expansion Capabilities
3. Customizing personalization theme

Originally it was a single-player blog and it was easy to implement it as a multiplayer blog. One case on CodePlex is a multiplayer blog based on BlogEngine.NET. Key features of the BlogEngine.NET:

1. Easy to install, as long as the files uploaded to the Web server can be run. Because it uses XML to store data by default.
2. Has a lot of new features of the blog and provides an open interface. such as Ajax comments, support trackback and so on.
3. There are many Web2.0 features, such as OpenSearch, XFN tags, tag cloud and so on.
4. Custom theme, you can develop many themes, like the theme of the blog park.
5. You can configure your own data sources, such as Xml,sql Server,sqlite.

6. Sitefinity

Project Address | Free Trail

Sitefinity CMS is a set of online platforms for building corporate websites, interactive portals, and intranet networks. With Web2.0 's flexible mailbox and experience, Sitefinity will give the user the best experience, while providing the developer with complete control over the system.

Why Choose Sitefinity?
    • The perfect solution to both design and technology
      Sitefinity plate of the visual design approach, so that designers from the tedious duplication of work, more focus on creativity and user feelings rather than the realization of technology, which can easily make your website dazzling. The use of "theme" and "Master Page" is the user can also participate in the design and layout of the page work, improve user initiative, improve the user satisfaction of the finished product. Excellent Telerik control usage, refined business code and structure encapsulation, and powerful buffering mechanism enable sitefinity to maintain efficient system operation speed and security while possessing powerful autonomous functions.

    • No limit on function expansion
      Sitefinity has a far more than the general CMS platform of excellent expansion performance, control-level function expansion, beyond the previous CMS function module expansion, more convenient, more detailed. Use of the. NET user control, support for multiple databases, and the ability to extend functionality is no longer something that only a professional company can do, This reduces development costs and increases versatility and ease of use. In addition, Sitefinity provides a rich API interface, convenient for a variety of well-known systems to do functions and data integration, greatly improve your site reuse, greatly reduce the frequent changes due to functional factors, replacement system to bring you the energy and economic expenditure.

    • Clear and structured management to help you
      The excellent UI design and the use of the Telerik presentation layer control, with over 5 years of user feedback, makes sitefinity a perfect user experience. A clear, structured data management approach and excellent access and workflow, so that you easily manage all aspects of the business site, winning thousands.

7. Mojoportal

Project Address | Download
Mojoportal is a C #-developed face Object site framework that can run on Windows ASP. NET and Gnu/linux or Mac OS x mono platforms.

8. Webnodes

Project Address | Free Trial
It is based on semantic CMS Unlike other ASP. Available in the market. It's next generation CMS to support Web 3.0

9. Kentico

Project Address | Download
Kentico is an ASP. NET CMS website content management system, developed by Microsoft's gold partner. Providing a powerful editing interface and server-side controls, allowing you to easily manage site content, can greatly simplify the development of dynamic Web sites, consisting mainly of two tools: Kentico CMS Desk, a smart user interface control for editing content in Web pages; Kentico CMS Controls with 15 internal controls to edit and control various elements of the Web page.

Ten. Amora Firebird

Project Address | Download
It is developed in ASP. 2.0, fully compliant and flexible enough to handle your CMS requirements.


Project Address | Download
Built on the WEB part framework, the Monox is an easy-to-use ASP. NET CMS and social networking platform. The Monox portal engine is more suitable for small and midsize businesses because of its rich set of features, standards compliance, and ease of deployment. In addition, it supports multi-cache scenarios that support advanced personalization, portal networking, provider-based infrastructure, cloud data storage, and similar enterprise-level capabilities. It is free for commercial and non-commercial purposes. Monox provides more than 50 core WEB parts and a complete infrastructure that enables. NET developers to customize the capabilities of the front end and its applications. Key features include an interactive user interface compatible with modern web browsers, fully supported ASP. NET Web Parts framework, a set of fully functional components required to build a advanced social environment, standard compliance, SEO capabilities, scalable and reliable architecture, standardized Plug and Play modules and open APIs, High-performance and flexible data tiers with unprecedented ease of use. Non-technical users can manage most aspects of the work portal. Monox uses the standard WYSIWYG editor, the file manager mimics the appearance of standard Windows Explorer, and so on. It fully supports offline editing tools based on the MetaWeblog API, including Microsoft Windows Livewriter.


Project Address | Download

Kooboo is an ASP. NET MVC-based CMS system that enables enterprise-level content management solutions and rapid development.

Kooboo has the following key features:
--Role-based user management
-Unlimited Users and sites
--Implement various validations
--Content version control
--Workflow control
--Layout and content templates

Main developer of the project: Blog Park-Ah

Although it was developed by the Chinese, it is the international road.


Project Address | Download


Asp. NET of CMS

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