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HTTP request process:

Page request (httprequest)--wwwservice (inteinfo.exe) intercepts the request -- (forwarded to aspNet_isapi.dll) -- aspNet_isapi.dll

-- (Use the HTT pipepipeline pipeline --aspnetweb.exeprocess --httpruntime.exe (when the CRL is running) -- httpApplicationFactory to create an instance --

HttpMoudle -- process requests

HttpHanlderFactory -- httpHandler. ProcessRequest

MPs queue:

When an Http request enters Asp. net Runtime, its pipeline consists of a hosting module (NOTE: Managed Modules) and a processing program (NOTE: Handlers), and the pipeline is used to process this Http request.

Data Flow Direction:

1. After the request arrives at httpRunTime, create an httpApplication instance. The httpContext In the instance contains the objects in the request: HttpRequest, HttpResponse, and HttpSessionState.

2. Http requests are processed by moule, and modlue has full control over http.

3. http requests are sent to HttpHandler for processing. Here, the business logic is processed. The aspx page we know also inherits from the IHttpHandler interface.

4. The request is returned to moudle. Here we can explain many events such as inserting inserted in the program.


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