ASP. NET programmers are very useful to 85 tools, programmers 85

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ASP. NET programmers are very useful to 85 tools, programmers 85


This article lists useful tools for ASP. NET developers.


1. Visual Studio

  1. Visual Studio Productivity Power tool: extension of Visual Studio Professional Edition (and above), with rich functions, such as quick search, navigation solution, and searchable additional reference dialog box.
  2. ReSharper: a tool that improves the productivity of. NET developers, improves code quality, and quickly fixes and eliminates errors.
  3. MZ-Tools: it can find strings in methods, files, projects, solutions or project groups, selected text, file combinations, or project groups. The results are shown in the following result window, which is more convenient than the results provided by Microsoft IDE.
  4. Web Essentials: improves productivity and helps you efficiently write CSS, JavaScript, HTML, etc.
  5. MSVSMON: msvsmon.exe is a small application that connects to Visual Studio for remote debugging. During remote debugging, Visual Studio runs on a computer (debugger host), and the remote debugging monitor runs on a remote computer with the application you are debugging.
  6. WIX toolset: Build a Windows installation package from the XML source code.
  7. Code digger: Code Digger is a Visual Studio 2012/2013 extension that helps you understand your Code behavior.
  8. CodeMaid: CodeMaid is an open-source Visual Studio 2012/2013/2015 extension that is used to clean, mine, and simplify your code.
  9. OzCode: A Powerful Visual Studio debugger visualization tool.
  10. CodeRush: This is a refactoring and productivity plug-in for Visual Studio.
  11. T4 Text Template: in Visual Studio, T4 Text Template is used as a Template for generating code files. Templates can be defined by writing text blocks and control logic.
  12. Indent Guides: Add vertical lines at each Indent level.
  13. PowerShell Tools: a set of Tools used to develop and debug PowerShell scripts and modules in Visual Studio 2015.
  14. Visual Studio Code: a free cross-platform editor for building and debugging modern web and cloud applications. [Provided by Cheung Tat Ming]
  15. AutoPoco: AutoPoco is a highly configurable framework for smoothly building readable test data from Plain Old CLRObjects.
  16. Supercharger: This is an extension designed to significantly improve the Visual Studio development experience. It is built on and enhanced with previous VS10x products, such as CodeMAP, Editor View Enhancer, Comments Extender, and new high-quality tools.


  1. Fiddler: captures HTTP requests/responses and simulates request behavior.
  2. AutoMapper: ing between objects and objects. For example, this tool can be used to map object objects to domain objects, rather than writing manual ing code.
  3. Unity/Ninject/Castle Windsor/StructureMap/Spring. Net: dependency injection framework. There are many available DI frameworks.
  4. . NET Reflector:. NET Assembly anti-compiler.
  5. DotPeek:. NET Assembly anti-compiler.
  6. ILSpy:. NET Assembly anti-compiler.
  7. Memprofiler: a powerful tool for finding memory leaks and optimizing memory usage.
  8. PostSharp: deletes repeated codes and prevents code expansion due to cross-cutting concerns and Aspect-Oriented Programming.
  9. ASPhere: web. config editor with GUI.


Swagger UI: API testing and documentation tools. [Video]
PostMan: The Chrom extension of the REST client. [Provided by Cheung Tat Ming]

4. WCF

  1. Soap ui: API testing tool that supports all standard protocols and technologies.
  2. WireShark: a network protocol analyzer for Unix and Windows. It can capture traffic at the TCP layer to help you discover soap envelopes.
  3. Svc TraceViewer: allows you to better view the huge trace files generated by WCF.
  4. Svc Config Editor: a GUI tool used to manage WCF configurations.


QueueExplorer 3.4: Copy, move, or delete a message, save and load it, perform stress testing, view and edit the complete Email Subject (. NET serialization object), and more MSMQ can be implemented.


  1. LINQ Pad? : LINQPad is a lightweight tool used to test the LINQ query on the SQL Server database. It can also test code snippets written in different. NET languages, such as C # and VB.
  2. LINQ Insight: LINQ Insight Express is a Visual Studio plug-in that allows you to analyze your LINQ queries during design and simplifies the compilation and debugging of LINQ queries.

7. RegEx

  1. RegEx tester: The Visual Studio extension used for regular expression testing.
  2. Regexr: an online RegEx development and testing tool.
  3. Regexpal: an online RegEx development and testing tool.
  4. Expresso: Expresso is a desktop tool for RegEx development and testing.
  5. RegexMagic: a tool used to automatically generate regular expressions from the text mode. You need to mark strings and select different options to cultivate the mode. Then, a regular expression is automatically generated. These tools can also generate the Code required for different languages. [Provided by: Samuel Christison]

8. Javascript/JQuery/AngularJS

  1. JSHint: A JavaScript code quality tool. Another tool, JSLine, implements stricter rules.
  2. JSFiddle: provides an environment in the browser for testing HTML, CSS, and Javascript/JQuery.
  3. Protractor: end-to-end framework used to test angular applications.
  4. Batarang: add tools for debugging and analyzing AngularJS applications.

9. SQL Server

  1. SQL Profiler: SQL trace is used to monitor Database Engine instances.
  2. ExpressProfiler: ExpressProfiler (also known as SqlExpress Profiler) is a simple and quick alternative to SQL Server Profiler with basic GUI and integration. This can be used with Express and non-Express versions of SQL Server 2005/2008/2008R2/2012/2014. [Provided by RickZeeland]
  3. SQL Sentry Plan explorer: provides a better graphical view of SQL query execution plans.
  4. SQL Complete: provides SQL Server Management Studio and Visual Studio smart sensing functions and improved SQL formatter.
  5. NimbleText: A Tool for text operations and code generation.
  6. Query Express: lightweight SQL Query analyzer.
  7. IO Meter: provides details about the IO subsystem.
  8. Sqldecryptor: Deciphering SQL Server objects, such as stored procedures, functions, triggers, views, and encryption using encryption options.
  9. SpatialViewer: Views and creates space data.
  10. ClearTrace: Import trace and probe files to SQL Server and display summary performance information.
  11. Internals Viewer for SQL Server: Internals Viewer is a tool for viewing the SQL Server storage engine and how data is physically allocated, organized, and stored.
  12. PAL: analyzes performance logs using known thresholds.
  13. Sqlquerystress: Assists with T-SQL queries and program performance stress tests.

10. nhib.pdf

NHibernate Mapping Generator: generate the nhib ing file and the entity class corresponding to the existing DB table.

11. Tally

Tally ERP 9
Tally dll: a dynamic link library of. NET, which is used to integrate the Tally Accounting software to facilitate push and pull data programmatically.

12. Code Review

StyleCop: StyleCop is a static code analysis tool that forces your C # source code to execute configuration style and consistency rule settings. It can be run or integrated into MSBuild projects from within Visual Studio.
FxCop? : FxCop is a static code analysis tool that enforces development standards by analyzing. NET assembly.

13. Traffic capture

WireShark: This is a network protocol analyzer for Unix and Windows. It can capture the traffic at the TCP layer.
HTTP Monitor: allows developers to view all HTTP traffic between your computer and the Internet. This includes request data (such as HTTP Response Headers and form GET and POST data) and response data (including HTTP Response Headers and bodies ).

14. Diagnosis

Glimpse: provides server-side diagnostic data. For example, for an ASP. net mvc project, you need to add it from NuGet. Glimpse data can tell you different levels of latency, which truly shows that you can optimize code/solutions to improve performance.

15. Performance

PerfMon: Use performance counters to monitor system performance.
Yslow: YSlow analyzes web pages and uses Yahoo! High-performance website Rules indicate why they are so slow.

16. Code Converter

Telerik Code Converter: Code Converter from C # to VB and from VB to C. This is an online editor. However, you can select "batch conversion" and zip format to upload files.

17. Data Extraction and Loading

FileHelpers:. NET Library, which imports/exports data with fixed lengths or separated records in files, strings, or streams.
LogParser: You can write SQL statements to query various log files and export data to various destinations, such as SQL tables and CSV files.

18. screen recording

Wink: The presentation software. With Wink, you can capture, add instructions, comments, and create demos.

19. Text Editor

Notepad ++: source code editor.
Notepad2: a lightweight and functional notepad-like text editor.
Sublimetext: A Rich Text Editor.

20. Documentation

GhostDoc: GhostDoc is a Visual Studio extension that automatically generates XML document comments for types, parameters, names, and other related information methods and attributes.
Helpndoc: helpndoc is a tool used to create a Help file. It can generate files in different formats from a single source.

21. Others

  1. FileZilla: FileZilla is a free FTP solution. FileZilla Client is used for FTP File Upload, and FileZilla Server is used for file sharing.
  2. TreeTrim: TreeTrim is a tool used to trim the source code tree. It eliminates debugging files, source code control bindings, and temporary files.
  3. BrowserStack: cross-browser test website.
  4. Firebug: provides rich functions for developing Firefox plug-ins for generating web pages for CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.
  5. BugShooting: Provides screen software, screenshots, and work items, bugs, and issue tracking items.
  6. Web developer checklist: Best practices for web development.
  7. XRAY: Firefox plug-in. Bookmarks with rich functions. Provides information about webpage elements.
  8. PowerGUI: helps you quickly accept and use PowerShell to efficiently manage a complete Windows environment.
  9. Beyond Compare: allows you to Compare the contents of a directory tree and a single file. Strong adaptability and plug-ins with popular languages. [Provided by Ron Matuszek]
  10. Devart Codecompare: file diff tool that reads the structure of C #, C ++, and VB code. Including folder comparison tools, independent apps for comparing and merging files and folders, and code review support. [Provided by Cheung Tat Ming]


Verify the tool before use.


This article and any related source Code and files follow The Code Project Open License (CPOL ).

The above is the compilation of ASP. NET tools. We will continue to add relevant materials in the future. Thank you for your support for this site!

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