Asp. NET to obtain information about clients and servers

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Client Information:

1. Private properties in asp:
Get Server computer name: Page.Server.ManchineName
Get user information: Page.User
Get client computer name: Page.Request.UserHostName
Get client PC IP:Page.Request.UserHostAddress

2. Common methods in Network programming:
Get current computer name: Static System.Net.Dns.GetHostName ()
Remove all IP addresses by computer name: Static System.Net.Dns.Resolve (computer name). AddressList
You can also remove the computer name by IP address: static System.Net.Dns.Resolve (IP address). HostName

3. Common properties of the system environment class:
Current computer name: Static System.Environment.MachineName
Current computer belongs to domain: static System.Environment.UserDomainName
Current PC User: Static System.Environment.UserName

Client IP:Page.Request.UserHostAddress;
User information: Page.User;
Server computer name: Page.Server.MachineName;
Current user computer name: System.Net.Dns.GetHostName ();
Current computer name: System.Environment.MachineName;
The current computer belongs to the domain: System.Environment.UserDomainName;
Current computer User: System.Environment.UserName;
Browser type: Request.Browser.Browser;
Browser ID: Request.Browser.Id;
Browser version number: Request.Browser.Version;
Browser is not beta version: Request.Browser.Beta;
Browser resolution (pixels): request["width"]. ToString () + "*" + request["height"]. ToString ();//1280*1024
Client's operating system: Request.Browser.Platform;
is not Win16 system: Request.Browser.Win16;
is not Win32 system: REQUEST.BROWSER.WIN32;

Server-side information:

Server computer Name: "/http" + HttpContext.Current.Request.Url.Host + HttpContext.Current.Request.ApplicationPath;

Server IIS version: request.servervariables["Server_software"]. ToString ();

Server domain name: request.servervariables["SERVER_NAME"]. ToString ();

Server port: request.servervariables["Server_port"]. ToString ();

Server IP Address: request.servervariables["LOCAL_ADDR"]

Server Script Timeout time: (server.scripttimeout/1000). ToString () + "second";

Server operating system: Environment.OSVersion.ToString ();

folder in which this file is located: Request.physicalapplicationpath;

Server IE Version: Registry.LocalMachine.OpenSubKey (@ "Software\Microsoft\Internet explorer\version Vector"). GetValue ("IE", "not detected"). ToString ();

The system is located in the folder: Environment.SystemDirectory.ToString ();

Server Current time: DateTime.Now.ToString ();

Server language type: CultureInfo.InstalledUICulture.EnglishName;

Server last boot to now run Time: ((ENVIRONMENT.TICKCOUNT/0X3E8)/60). ToString () + "minute";

CPU type: environment.getenvironmentvariable ("Processor_identifier"). ToString ();

Logical drive: string[] achdrives = directory.getlogicaldrives ();
for (int i = 0; i < directory.getlogicaldrives (). Length-1; i++)
Achdrives[i]. ToString ();

Total CPUs: environment.getenvironmentvariable ("Number_of_processors"). ToString ();

Virtual Memory: (environment.workingset/1024). ToString () + "M";

. NET Framework Version: String. Concat (new object[] {Environment.Version.Major, ".", Environment.Version.Minor, Environment.Version.Build, ".", Environment.Version.Revision});

asp: (TimeSpan) process.getcurrentprocess (). Totalprocessortime). Totalseconds.tostring ("N0");

ASP.: ((Double) process.getcurrentprocess (). workingset64/1048576). ToString ("N2") + "M";

Current Session Number: Session.Contents.Count.ToString ();

Current program Consumes Memory: ((Double) GC. Gettotalmemory (FALSE)/1048576). ToString ("N2") + "M";

Current SessionID:Session.Contents.SessionID;

Current system user name: Environment.username;

Asp. NET to obtain information about clients and servers

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