ASP. NET uses the My97DatePicker date control,

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ASP. NET uses the My97DatePicker date control,

First download the control package:

Reference File
  <script src="js/My97DatePicker/WdatePicker.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
Directory details

Regular call
 <input id="d11" type="text" class="text" onclick="WdatePicker()"  />

Use the position attribute to customize the pop-up position
 <input class="Wdate" type="text" id="d16" onfocus="WdatePicker({position:{left:50,top:50}})" />

Year, month, day, hour, minute, and second
<Input type = "text" id = "d241" onfocus = "WdatePicker ({dateFmt: 'yyyy MM dd HH mm min ss s '}) "class =" text "/>

The date range is.
<input id="d411" class="Wdate" type="text" onfocus="WdatePicker({skin:'blueFresh',minDate:'2006-09-10',maxDate:'2008-12-20'})" />


The date range is 11:30:00 to 20:59:30
  <input type="text" class="Wdate" id="d412" onfocus="WdatePicker({skin:'blue',dateFmt:'yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss',minDate:'2008-03-08 11:30:00',maxDate:'2008-03-10 20:59:30'})" />


You can use the dynamic variables provided by the system, such as % y (current year) and % M (current month) to limit the date range. You can also use {} to perform expression operations, such: {% d + 1}: Indicates tomorrow

Dynamic variable table

Only the date before today can be selected (including today)
<input id="d421" class="Wdate" type="text" onfocus="WdatePicker({skin:'green',maxDate:'%y-%M-%d'})"/>



Only the first day of the month to the last day of the month can be selected.
   <input id="d423" class="Wdate" type="text" onfocus="WdatePicker({skin:'simple',minDate:'%y-%M-01',maxDate:'%y-%M-%ld'})"/>


You can only select a date from 7:00:00 today to 21:00:00 tomorrow.


<input id="d424" class="Wdate" type="text" onfocus="WdatePicker({skin:'YcloudRed',dateFmt:'yyyy-M-d H:mm:ss',minDate:'%y-%M-%d 7:00:00',maxDate:'%y-%M-{%d+1} 21:00:00'})"/>

The preceding date cannot be greater than the following date and neither date can be greater than 2020-10-01


 <input id="d4311" class="Wdate" type="text" onfocus="WdatePicker({skin:'ext',maxDate:'#F{$dp.$D(\'d4312\')||\'2020-10-01\'}'})" /> <input id="d4312" class="Wdate" type="text" onfocus="WdatePicker({skin:'ext',minDate:'#F{$dp.$D(\'d4311\')}',maxDate:'2020-10-01'})" />


The preceding date + 3 days cannot be greater than the following date
<input type="text" class="Wdate" id="d4321" onfocus="WdatePicker({skin:'simple',maxDate:'#F{$dp.$D(\'d4322\',{d:-3});}'})" /><input type="text" class="Wdate" id="d4322" onfocus="WdatePicker({skin:'simple',minDate:'#F{$dp.$D(\'d4321\',{d:3});}'})" />

Disable the date corresponding to Saturday and Sunday
<input id="d442" type="text" class="Wdate" onFocus="WdatePicker({disabledDays:[0,6]})"/>

Disable the 5, 15, and 25 days of each month
<input id="d451" type="text" class="Wdate" onFocus="WdatePicker({disabledDates:['5$']})"/>

Note: '5 $ 'indicates the use of $, which ends with 5.

To use the preceding control in. NET, you only need to add a runat = "server" attribute for the control!

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