ASP. NET vNext, a Web development framework compatible with Mono

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Microsoft announced at the TechEd conference in May 12, 2014 that it would release a preview of the next-generation ASP. NET Framework ASP. NET vNext. The ASP. NET Framework released this time has undergone fundamental changes compared with the previous one, highlighting Microsoft's new strategic Ideology of "cloud-first. Scott Hanselman's blog briefly introduces ASP. NET vNext. In addition, ASP. NET will all be open-source in the next generation of ASP. NET on Github. Write down this article to record this moment.

Microsoft established the. NET Open Source Foundation at this year's Build conference and released the following products:

  • . NET Native-compile. NET code in advance. Everything is getting faster.
  • . NET compiler platform (Roslyn)-brand new C # and VB compiler, new language features, compilation as a service (compiler-as-a-service), and it is open source.
  • Nextgen JIT-a brand new instant compiler optimized for the latest processor (Just-in-time-compiler)

The emergence of ASP. NET vNext will push everything to a higher level. Today, the Common Language Runtime Library (CLR) that you use to run ASP. NET is exactly the same as that used by desktop applications. What the Microsoft. NET team is doing is to add the CLR version optimized for the cloud computing environment. The optimization scenarios include "low memory consumption" and "high throughput.

ASP. NET vNext enables you to deploy a customized. NET Framework for each application. An application that uses a new version of the library won't fight with different versions of the application deployed on the same server. Different applications can even have personalized CLR with different optimization focuses. CLR and the code library optimized for the cloud environment have become NuGet packages that can be freely selected and matched.

The introduction to ASP. NET vNext on Scott Hanselman's blog tells us that the next generation of ASP. NET is:

  • Optimized the cloud environment and server environment
  • ASP. net mvc and WebAPI are integrated into the same programming model.
  • No-compile development experience
  • Dependency Injection out of box)
  • Side by side-each application has its own runtime and framework to be deployed.
  • Everything comes from NuGet-even the runtime
  • Open source through. NET Foundation and accept contributions from external developers
  • ASP. NET vNext (And Roslyn) can be run on Mono platforms on Mac and Linux. Microsoft Works with the Mono team. Add Mono to our test matrix. In the future, we will deploy ASP. NET programs on Mono, just like on Windows. There will not be many pitfalls as we do now.

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