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Next-generation Cloud Environment Web development framework compatible with mono ASP. NET VNext we know that. asp. VNext is a new framework and a framework for advancing with the times. This article will delve into more detail in the overall architecture, with the main reference to article

The dependency between GitHub libraries can be seen in the following diagram:

This diagram is not all dependencies, and here you can see a schema for ASP. Vnext:

  • Kruntime -including the SDK and runtime (KVM, KPM and Kre), booting to CoreCLR, full CLR and mono logic are here, and it includes some code that interacts with the editor, such as Visual Studio smart hints, compiling Errors and so on. K Runtime Environment (KRE) This is a command-line environment that will build and run (no longer have real differences) from their new Project.json. The ASP. NET Vnext merges Packages.config, NuGet configuration (NUSPEC), and project files (CSPROJS) into a unified project dependency configuration file Project.json. There is a simple application K version Manager (KVM) is responsible for installing Kre, can install multiple versions of Kre, and can switch between them freely. Another bright spot is that when the code is modified, the developer can see the modified results without having to compile the reboot, and the ASP. Vnext provides the developer with the Roslyn "No compile execution" feature while guaranteeing the throughput capability. "No compilation" to see the results of the code changes this feature also greatly mentions the development experience.
  • crosscutting concerns -including Logging, dependencyinjection, FileSystem, and Configuration. Most projects rely on these in some form (direct or indirect).
  • httpabstractions -This library includes new HTTP abstractions, including but not limited to-HttpContext, Httprequest,httpresponse and new Ibbuilder connection middleware. That is the support for OWIN.
  • Hosting -This project can learn how to start a Web application. All logic is to find the startup class and invoke the configuration portal, which also includes an interface for writing an HTTP server, and writing an ASP. Vnext will be an easy thing to do.
  • Razor -Razor don't need to be introduced. The new razor has a new code generation model that no longer relies on DOM, making it easy to extend it, while ensuring that the new Razor tool works for other frameworks that use Razor (Nancy, ServiceStack, Simpleweb).

    MVC -This is a new mvc/webapi/webpages framework, but there is still no webform position. New MVC some new stuff:

    • There are more extension points
    • Can self-host
    • The controller does not require a base class.
    • Razorviewengine is based on Roslyn.
    • *everything* are all asynchronous.
    • Signalr-server -This version features the same functionality as the Https://, but is based on the new HTTP stack and the crosscutting focus refactoring.

The ASP. NET Vnext is still in development, there are many factors of change inside, it is expected that the deployment of the build environment is still early, if you are interested in his code, participate in its development, to contribute to open source, this article gives you an overview. To read some code, these links are a good entry point:

The Roslyn compiler

    • Assembly Neutral Interfaces
    • the Design time Host VS integration
    • the Defaulthttpcontext Implementation
    • The new routecollection
    • the Crazy dataprotection code
    • the new Razor Cod Egenerator
    • Code that can boot the full CLR
    • the MVC actioninvoker
    • ASP. VNext on OSX and Linux

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