ASP. NET Web Api owinselfhost Restful use

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First, preface

Summarize what a restful architecture is:

(1) Each URI represents a resource;

(2) between the client and the server, the transmission of such resources of some kind of performance layer;

(3) The client through four HTTP verbs, the server-side resources to operate, to achieve "performance layer State transformation."

Ii. examples

The Restful route template does not have {action} by default, and you need to enable the property routing feature for use with special needs


      Public voidConfiguration (Iappbuilder app) {httpconfiguration config=Newhttpconfiguration (); //Enable Web API feature routingCONFIG.            Maphttpattributeroutes (); Config. Routes.maphttproute (Name:"Defaultapi", Routetemplate:"Api/{controller}/{id}", defaults:New{id =routeparameter.optional}); //To Delete an XML serializerCONFIG. Formatters.remove (config.            Formatters.xmlformatter); //Configure cross-domainapp.            Usecors (Corsoptions.allowall); App.               Usewebapi (config); }

2. Code examples

1[Routeprefix ("Home")]2      Public classHomecontroller:apicontroller3     {4         //GET api/home5 [HttpGet]6          Public stringGet ()7         {8             return "Test";9         }Ten  One [HttpGet] A         //GET API/HOME/5 -          Public stringGet (intID) -         { the             returnID. ToString (); -         } -  - [HttpGet] +         //GET api/home?name=test -          Public stringGet (stringname) +         { A             returnname; at         } -  - [HttpGet] -         //GET api/home/1?name=test -         //ID can match to {ID} route template -          Public stringGet (stringNameintID) in         { -             returnName +ID; to         } +  -  the         //GET api/home/1?name=test&age=30 * [HttpGet] $          Public stringGet (intIdstringNameintAge )Panax Notoginseng         { -             returnID + name +Age ; the         } +  A         //POST api/home the [HttpPost] +          Public voidPost (person p) -         { $         } $  -  -         //POST Home/post2 the [HttpPost] -[Route ("Post2")]Wuyi          Public voidPost2 (person p) the         { -         } Wu  - [Httpput] About         //PUT API/HOME/5 $          Public voidPut (stringID, person p) -         { -         } -  A         //PUT Home/put2 + [Httpput] the[Route ("Put2")]//multiple post or put need to go action -          Public voidPut2 (person p) $         { the         } the  the         //DELETE API/HOME/5 the [Httpdelete] -          Public voidDelete (intID) in         { the         } the  About         //DELETE api/home/5?type=1&name=test the [Httpdelete] the          Public voidDelete (intIdstringTypestringname) the         { +         } -}

ASP. NET Web Api owinselfhost Restful use

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