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Preface: A few days ago, Microsoft, in addition to the release of the ASP. NET 5 Beta7, there is a noteworthy thing, is the publication of ASP. NET Webhooks Preview D.

Webhooks is a lightweight interactive model of the HTTP world that integrates SaaS systems and Web APIs with a simple publish/subscribe model. Simply put, the SaaS system sends messages to subscribers in the form of an HTTP post if there is a need to push the message (the subscribers here are typically some rest-standard web APIs).

If Webhooks is regarded as an industry standard, then ASP. NET Webhooks is one of its implementations, which is similar to the ASP. NET signal to WebSocket. The ASP. NET Webhooks includes the ability to send and receive two parts (the underlying technology is web API 2 and MVC 5, and currently does not support ASP. NET 5):

    • At the receiving end, a generic model for receiving and processing Webhook from any Webhook provider is provided. and built-in Dropbox, GitHub, MailChimp, PayPal, Pusher, Slack, Stripe, Trello, and WordPress provider implementations. In other words, if you want to develop a program to monitor Dropbox file changes or github submissions, it's easy.
    • On the sending side, it provides the ability to manage and store subscriber information, as well as the ability to send event reminders to the appropriate subscribers. This simplifies the development of the Webhook sending end.

Detailed development instructions I will not repeat, you can view the "original" or view the source code ( I'd like to say something about the meaning of the ASP. (Pure personal view): 2015 is called the SaaS-years, and now the valuations of various SaaS providers are rising, and the future integration of various types of SaaS will certainly become a hotspot. And Webhooks as a basic technology of SaaS integration will certainly be the focus of the mainstream development platform, so the ASP. Webhooks came into being.

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Asp. NET's new member ASP. WebHooks

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