ASP network programming: Common Problems in ASP and Web development

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The wrapping process for the table.



Here is the main use of CSS style control in the

tag has a style= "table-layout:fixed", which is described as follows


Table-layout:auto | Fixed


Auto: The default automatic algorithm. The layout will be based on the contents of each cell. The table is displayed after each cell has been read by the calculation. The speed is very slow

Fixed: The algorithm for fixing the layout. Shanghai Male Hospital Editor Introduction to, in this algorithm, the horizontal layout is based only on the width of the table, the width of the table border, cell spacing, column width, and the table content regardless of, at this time in the tag if there is no Word-wrap:break-word style, The contents of the table will only show one part, depending on the width of the table. Word-wrap is described below:


Word-wrap:normal | Break-word


Normal: Allow content to open the specified container boundary

Break-word: Content will be wrapped within the boundary. Word Wrapping (Word-break) can also occur if desired.

VBScript Tag Index

Basic operations

+ numeric addition and string connection

-Digital Subtraction

* Digital Multiplication

/Digital Division

Mod to find remainder

\ demand Quotient

& String Connection

^ The second party

= Equal

<> Not Equal

>= greater than or equal to

> greater than

<= less than or equal to

Less than

Not non-

And and


Xor different or

Cycle and decision making

If ... then if ... Then ...

If ... then...else ... Then ... Non -

else If ... Not if

Select Case ... Group selection criteria

End Select

For ... next count loop

While...wend condition cycle (i)

Do while...loop condition Loop (ii)

Do...loop while conditional loop (iii)

Do until...loop condition Loop (iv)

Do...loop until condition cycle (v)

Mathematical functions

Abs Absolute

SGN-positive Sign

Hex converted to Hex

The OCT is converted into eight-binary

SQR Square Root

int takes an integer

Fix takes an integer

Round taking integers

Log with e as the base logarithm

Sin sine function

Cos cosine function

Tan tangent function

String handling functions

Len string length

Mid Fetch Partial string

Left takes a partial string from the beginning of the string

Right takes a partial string from the end of a string

Lcase Convert to lowercase

Ucase Convert to uppercase

Trim clears whitespace at the beginning and end of a string

Ltrim clear string at the beginning of whitespace

Rtrim Clear string End whitespace

Replace replaces a string part character

INSTR determines whether to include another string (from the start search)

InStrRev to determine whether to include another string (search from the end)

Space characters of any number of spaces

Any character of a String of any number of characters

StrReverse Inverse string

Split to split a string with a character

Data type Conversion Functions

Cint converted into plastic

Cstr Convert to String

Clng converted to a constant integer

CBool Convert to Boolean function

Cdate Convert to date function

CSng conversion into single precision

CDBL conversion to double precision

Date-time functions

Date now dates

Time now

Now date Time


DateDiff Two Date Difference

DateSerial Date Setting

DateValue Date Setting

Year now years

Month now

Day Now

Hour now moment

Minute now minutes

Second now seconds

Timer Midnight Distance now seconds

TimeSerial Time setting

TimeValue Time-owned part

WeekDay Week Name

MonthName Month Name

Other functions

Array generation

ASC character ASCII code

CHR ASCII code character

Filter array

InputBox Input Window

Join merges elements in an array

MsgBox Information window

Lbound Array Lower bound

Ubound Array Upper bound


Const Set Constants

Dim defines a variable or array

Erase clearing An array

ReDim re-declaring an array

Randomize Start random number

Rnd gets random number

ASP Object

Session Object

IsEmpty Test if the session variable exists

TimeOut setting Session variable life cycle

Abandon forcing the session variable to clear

Application Object

IsEmpty testing the existence of application variables

Lock locks the Application variable

Unlock Unlocking the lock command

Cookie Object

Expires Setting the life cycle of a cookie variable

Connection object

Open opens a connection to the database

Execute to open the Recordset object

Close closes the Connection object

Recordset object

MoveFirst move the record pointer to the first bar

MoveLast move the record pointer to the last bar

MoveNext move the record pointer to the next bar

MovePrevious move the record pointer to the previous bar

Whether the BOF test is the start of the recordset

Whether the EOF test is the end of the recordset

Open Recoreset Object

Close closing the Recordset object

Fields read the child object of the data

Fileds.count Number of fields

PageSize number of records per page

AbsolutePage set to a page

PageCount Total Pages

AbsolutePosition jump directly to a record

Microsoftvbscript Run-time error List (10 binary representation)

Error # 5 Invalid procedure call or argument

Error # 5 Invalid procedure call or argument

Error # 6 Overflow

Error # 7 Not enough memory

Error # 9 subscript out of bounds

Error # 10 The array is fixed-length or temporarily locked

Error # 11 was removed by 0

Error # 13 Type mismatch

Error # 14 string space not enough

Error # 17 cannot perform the required action

Error # 28 Stack Overflow

Error # 35 undefined procedure or function

Error # 48 The DLL was loaded with errors

Error # 51 Internal Error

Error # 52 Wrong file name or number

Error # 53 File not found

Error # 54 Wrong file mode

Error # 55 file is open

Error # 57 Device I/O errors

Error # 58 file already exists

Error # 61 disk is full

Error # 62 input exceeded end of file

Error # 67 file too many

Error # 68 Device not available

Error # 70 No permissions

Error # 71 Disk not ready

Error # 74 cannot be renamed with other drive symbols

Error # 75 path/File access error

Error # 76 Path not found

Error # 91 object variable not set

Error # for loop not initialized

Error # 94 Invalid use Null

Error # 322 cannot create the necessary temporary files

Error # 424 Missing object

Error # 429 ActiveX Part Cannot create object

Error # 430 class does not support Automation operation

Error # 432 Automation operation file name or class name not found

Error # 438 object does not support this property or method

Error # Automation Operation errors

Error # 445 object does not support this operation

Error # 446 object does not support named parameters

Error # 447 object does not support current locale options

Error # 448 no named parameters found

The error # 449 parameter is a required option

Error # 450 Wrong number of arguments or invalid parameter property value

Error # 451 object is not a collection

Error # 453 The specified DLL function was not found

Error # 455 code resource lock errors

Error # 457 This key has been associated with an element of the collection

The error # 458 variable uses a Automation type that is not supported in VBScript

Error # 462 remote server does not exist or is not available

Error # 481 Invalid picture

Error # 500 variable not defined

Error # 501 Illegal assignment

Error # 502 object cannot be safely programmed with Script

Error # 503 object cannot be safely initialized

Error # 504 object cannot be created safely

Error # 505 invalid or unqualified reference

Error # 506 class is not defined

Error # 507 An unexpected error occurred

Error # 1001 Not enough memory

Error # 1002 Syntax errors

Error # 1003 missing ': '

Error # 1005 missing ' ('

Error # 1006 missing ') '

Error # 1007 missing '] '

Error # 1010 Missing identifier

Error # 1011 Missing ' = '

Error # 1012 missing ' If '

Error # 1013 missing ' to '

Error # 1014 missing ' End '

Error # 1015 missing ' Function '

Error # 1016 missing ' Sub '

Error # 1017 missing ' then '

Error # 1018 missing ' Wend '

Error # 1019 missing ' Loop '

Error # 1020 missing ' Next '

Error # 1021 missing ' case '

Error # 1022 missing ' Select '

Error # 1023 missing an expression

Error # 1024 Missing statement

Error # 1025 statement does not end

Error # 1026 missing integral type constant

Error # 1027 missing ' while ' or ' Until '

Error # 1028 missing ' while ' and ' Until ' or statement not ended

Error # 1029 missing ' with '

Error # 1030 identifier too long

Error # 1031 Invalid number

Error # 1032 Invalid character

Error # 1033 End-of-string constant

Error # 1034 Comment not closed

Error # 1037 invalid use of ' Me ' keyword

Error # 1038 ' Loop ' statement missing ' do '

Error # 1039 Invalid ' exit ' statement

Error # 1040 loop control variable ' for ' invalid

Error # 1041 Weight definition

Error # 1042 must be the first statement in a row

Error # 1043 cannot assign a value to the Non-byval parameter

Error # 1044 cannot use parentheses when calling subroutines

Error # 1045 missing literal constant

Error # 1046 missing ' in '

Error # 1047 missing ' Class '

Error # 1048 must be defined inside a class

Error # 1049 missing let, Set or Get in property declaration

Error # 1050 missing ' property '

Error # 1051 in the specification of all attributes, the number of variables must be the same

Error # 1052 multiple default properties/methods are not allowed in a class

Error # 1053 initialization or termination of class no variables

Error # 1054 Property set or let must have at least one variable

Error # 1055 wrong ' Next '

Error # 1056 ' Default ' can only be specified in ' property ', ' Function ' or ' Sub '

Error # 1057 must specify ' public ' when ' Default ' is specified

Error # 1058 can only specify ' Default ' in property Get

Error # 4096 Microsoft VBScript Compiler errors

Error # 4097 Microsoft VBScript run-time error

Error # 5016 missing Regular Expression object

Error # 5017 Regular expression syntax error

Error # 5018 Wrong number of words

Error # 5019 regular expression missing '] '

Error # 5020 Regular expression missing ') '

Error # 5021 character set out of bounds

Tree-shaped Menu:

var lastobj

function ExpandIT (obj)


if (lastobj! = null)


if (obj = = lastobj)


if ( = = "None")

{ = "";



{ = "None"




{ = "None"; = "";




{ = "";


Lastobj = obj



Dim id

id = Request ("id")

Dim strsql,rs

Strsql= "SELECT * from P_type where slanguage=1 and typelevel=1 order by TypeName"

Set Rs=fgetrslist (strSQL)

Do and not rs.eof



IF CLng (ID) =clng (RS ("id")) Then


" >




" style= "Display:none;" >


End If



Dim rs1

Strsql= "SELECT * from P_type where parentid=" &rs ("id") & "and slanguage=1 Order by TypeName"

Set Rs1=fgetrslist (strSQL)

Do and not rs1.eof







Set rs1=nothing






Set rs=nothing


ASP network programming: Common Problems in ASP and Web development

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