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The cookie set allows you to retrieve the cookie value sent in an HTTP request.
Syntax Request. Cookies (Cookies) [(key) |. attribute]

Specifies the cookie for which the value is to be retrieved.
Optional. Used to retrieve the value of a subkeyword from the cookie Dictionary.
Specify information about the cookie. Its attribute parameters are as follows:
Read-only. Specifies whether the cookie contains a keyword.
You can access the subkeywords of the cookie Dictionary by including a key value. If no key is specified when you access the cookie dictionary, all keywords are returned as a single query string. For example, if MyCookie has two keywords: First and Second, and no keyword is specified when Request. Cookie is called, the following string is returned. First = firstkeyvalue & Second = secondkeyvalue

If the client browser sends two cookies with the same name, the Request. cookie returns a deeper path. For example, if there are two cookies with the same name, but one of the path attributes is/www/and the other is/www/home /, the client browser sends both cookies to the/www/home/directory. only the second Cookie is returned.
To determine whether a cookie is a cookie Dictionary (whether a cookie has a keyword), use the following script. False

If myCookie is a cookie dictionary, the previous value is TRUE. Otherwise, the value is FALSE.
You can traverse all Cookies in the cookie set or all keywords in Cookies cyclically. However, retrieving a cookie without a keyword does not produce any output. Use the HasKeys syntax to check whether the cookie has a keyword. This can be avoided. The example below demonstrates this.

The following example prints the value of myCookie on the Web page. This is the cookie value named myCookie:

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