ASP Programming Basics (13): Ad & Content Rotator

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The strength of ASP is not limited to accepting and displaying interactions, but also to using ActiveX components for more powerful Web applications.
So what are ActiveX components? How does it work? In fact, ActiveX Server Components (ActiveX Server component) is a file stored on the WEB Server. This file contains the code for executing a certain task or a group of tasks. The component can execute public tasks, in this way, you do not have to create the code to execute these tasks on your own. A very vivid sentence: use components to directly use other classic powerful programs. However, this program has been encapsulated.
How is ActiveX components generated and obtained? It is generally obtained from the following three paths:
1. After the IIS server is installed, some built-in components, such as the Database Access Database connection component, are provided.
2. Obtain optional components from third-party developers, for example, some Upload components (of course, there are no components to upload now) for free or free of charge ).
3. If you are a Web application developer, you can use Visual Basic, Java, Visual C ++, COBOL, and other programming languages to compile the ActiveX Server Component you need. This is also known as ASP for COM (Component Object Model) and COM + development.
Of course, whether it is a third party or self-developed, you must register the system before use. However, these are all background. What we need now is to understand some of the components that come with ASP as soon as possible.
However, before using the built-in components, use a program to check the component support in your machine.
Reference a popular "a Jiang ASP probe" on the Internet and save the following code as an asp file for debugging and viewing.
1. objcheck. asp
<% Option Explicit %>
Dim filename
Filename = Request. ServerVariables ("SCRIPT_NAME ")
Dim ObjTotest (14,4)
ObjTotest (0, 0) = "MSWC. AdRotator"
ObjTotest (0, 1) = "ad wheel display component"
ObjTotest (1, 0) = "MSWC. ContentRotator"
ObjTotest (1, 1) = "content wheel display component"
ObjTotest (2,0) = "MSWC. BrowserType"
ObjTotest () = "browser type display component"
ObjTotest (3,0) = "MSWC. NextLink"
ObjTotest (4,0) = "MSWC. Tools"
ObjTotest (5, 0) = "MSWC. Status"
ObjTotest (6, 0) = "MSWC. Counters"
ObjTotest (7,0) = "MSWC. IISLog"
ObjTotest (8, 0) = "MSWC. PermissionChecker"
ObjTotest (9,0) = "Microsoft. XMLDom"
ObjTotest (10, 0) = "IISSample. ContentRotator"
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