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Readers who surf the web on a regular basis must have seen a Web page with an extension of "ASP." This is the use of ASP technology to create a Web page. ASP (active servers pages, dynamic server-side Web pages) is a Dynamic Web page technology launched by Microsoft to enable Web development enthusiasts to easily take advantage of ActiveX components and add script scripts to the HTML language. Develop interactive, dynamic Web server applications.

If you want to develop dynamic Web pages, ASP easy to use, easy to use, is a beginner Dynamic Web page developers are ideal choice. No wonder Microsoft, after the introduction of ASP Dynamic Web technology, at a very rapid pace to occupy the web market.
However, the ASP programming easy to learn, if you want to know more about mastering this excellent network programming language, in addition to the usual practice, I think we should often visit some of the online ASP learning Web sites and forums, make more than a few ASP programming master. Believe that after a period of hard work, you can also write a powerful ASP program.

In order to help readers to effectively use the online learning resources, quickly find useful programming tools. The author of ASP programming in several aspects, from the Technical Forum, technical text extraction, source program download, component download, tool download, free ASP home page space and other ASP website links, for the ASP learners to provide resource navigation.
Technical Forum Articles

Forum is a technology "boom" or not an important sign, the forum's popularity index directly reflects not only a website visibility, but also reflects the application of a technology level. Microsoft launched the ASP, quickly promote dynamic web development to more convenient, fast direction, which also appeared a lot of well-known ASP technology Forum, they have been improved and content of the continuous enrichment, gradually become a comprehensive computer knowledge forum. And, is PHP, JSP and other New Dynamic Web page technology is increasingly popular today, many forums even about PHP, JSP technology, are also written in ASP.

Chinaasp Forum (Http://
Chinaasp Forum is the earliest, most abundant resources, the most popular index of the ASP Technology Forum, it is engaged in ASP development of birds and other netizens, in June 1998 spontaneously organized the "Bird House" personal site. The purpose of this paper is to study and communicate the application of ASP technology in China, to continuously draw relevant netizens to participate in practice and theoretical discussion, and to organize and form a community of domestic ASP technology to discuss and communicate. Chinaasp has also gone from a simple joyasp technology forum to a more comprehensive forum (see Figure 1), and involves a lot of domestic sites do not have cutting-edge technology.

Chinaasp Forum using the integration mechanism to discharge the first 10, which sent a post points +1, there is a post was added to the elite area, points +4, deleted a post, points-3. Joyasp Forum daily Masters such as cloud, the number of posts and discussed a lot of issues. For beginners to provide learning space for the master to provide play and communication space. The author of the study of ASP is from the beginning of chinaasp, a problem on the forum to ask questions, and constantly accumulate, experience values continue to improve, but also to answer other people's questions.

China Software Network (CSDN)--asp Specialist (

CSDN Out-patient Clinic is a well-known comprehensive forum for program enthusiasts Professional community website. The Chinese software Network was merged by the programmer's Base camp website (, Chinese shareware (, China Industry Software ( in August 2000. The "Programmer" magazine, which relies on the influence and content of the CSDN forum, was officially founded in January 2001.

At present, CSDN's specialist Out-patient program from the software developers of various language programming, algorithm data structure design to web development image processing, including all aspects of computer science, both depth and breadth. ASP column of which the popularity index is particularly high, every day there are at least 30 more problems are proposed, and can be a master of timely solutions, novice in this atmosphere, will soon improve their "experience value."

Tenkine ASP column (

The Tenkine forum system belongs to a part of the pole Community, forum classification also involves all aspects of the computer, and Tenkine ( predecessor is "computer newspaper" electronic version, five consecutive cnnic "Chinese Top Ten website", become the largest vertical portal, which can be seen Tenkine technical support background is relatively strong.

ASP column using a ladder-shaped structure of the answer, that is, the answer to the question can be addressed to the question of the answer, but also to the previous reply to the content to supplement or to raise doubts. The advantage of this approach is that it allows viewers to see the title of the problem and reply, and to respond pointedly.

The feature of the ASP column is the number of Web bugs accessed every day. Rookie raised the problem, although many, but also more experts, the problem can be resolved in a timely manner.

Technical articles and extracts

Forum content is often relatively loose, enthusiastic ASP experts sometimes can be some data collation, or translation of foreign information, put on the website, and provide some tutorials, with the forum opened together into a landscape:

ASP Cool Technology column: "ASP Cool" is composed of users like ASP, at present a total of more than 130 ASP learning articles, as well as ASP programming electronic tutorials. Its predecessor is the Flying Eagle ASP network, with the continuous development of web technology, content is also constantly enriched. The technical column, provides all aspects of ASP, PHP programming. ASP and PHP forum to provide you with a comprehensive response to meet the needs of everyone learning. Aspcool to the rookie to provide free message version, free BBS, for everyone to build the station to provide convenience.

See: Http://

Dynamic network Pioneer--asp Basic School: ASP technical Resources of the comprehensive free teaching site. Divided into ASP basic tutorials, VBScript language, development tools, visual Ineredev, such as ASP-related different sections.

See: Http://

Special to mention is the ASP topic--asp components (such as Figure 4) provides a lot of component development application articles, component development is ASP programming advanced application, want to become the Master of ASP program design, must learn component development, use to extend the function of asp: http://

Download the source program

In addition to the study of ASP to see more than ask more than the back, research excellent program source code is also essential. A smart learner can learn from the source code of others to see the highlights and deficiencies, so that the program of their own programming for reference. The popularity of the internet has given many ASP masters a chance to do so. There are many websites that specialize in downloading the source code for ASP programs. Next follow the author to see it.

Source Code Encyclopedia: So far, a total of 433 software, almost all aspects of ASP programming, whether from the chat program to the Forum program, or ad switching system and NT Server virtual host program, can be found, can be called an ASP program an "encyclopedia."

See: ★

China ASP Alliance-code Download column: To provide a complete range of code to download, divided into mail management, editing software, forum community, chat room, guest book, counters, electronic shopping, security encryption, self-help links, advertising management, download management, polling survey, news release, search engine, file management, etc.

See: ★

Well-known ASP cool program Download Center: To provide forum community, counters, news systems, such as the download of ASP programs.

See: ★

Component Download Chapter

In addition to the application of ASP technology itself ADO component technology, Microsoft also allows users to develop their own components, enhance the functions of ASP, such as ftp file upload, mail functions. Here are some downloadable, available components to download the center:

ASP boutique: Up to now a total of 346 components have been collected, is the most abundant component resources of the site, according to ★ grade evaluation, you can select components as needed.

See: ★

China Mobile technology Network (ie chinaasp)--component:

Dynamic Pioneer--Component Download:

Tools Download article

The old saying goes: "工欲善其事, its prerequisite". For an engine that interprets ASP languages, IIS is used on Windows NT or 2000 operating system platforms (Internet Information Server, Internet Information Server), and Windows 98 is PWS (Personal Web Server, Personal Web server). However, if you want to implement ASP on other platforms such as Linux, then can not be limited to IIS and Pws;visual InterDev of course is the preferred tool for editing ASP. But Visual InterDev takes up a lot of space, and normal machine configuration doesn't meet its requirements. If you're upset about these things, here are some tools to consider:

ASP Edit v2.05: A tool for writing asp/html code that is popular.

Download Address: ★

Flash ASP 0.01: A pure Chinese ASP programming tool, with it to write ASP no longer worry.

Download Address: ★

Download Address: ★

Gaspy ASP Editor2.0: The wizard can generate ASP, Java, or Java script code.

Download Address: ★

Ultra Edit 32: An editor that supports Asp,c,java programming.

Download Address: ★

WebSite Pro2.0 (ASP Server): An ASP-enabled engine other than PWS and IIS.

Download Address: ★

Instant ASP1.0 (ASP server): A background engine that interprets ASP, written entirely in the Java language, to be able to adapt to different operating system platforms such as Linux, Novell Netware, Windows, and so on. is the first choice for many Linux users to learn ASP.

Download Address: ★

chili! Soft ASP3.0: Also an ASP server-side software that allows the ASP to run under other platforms.

Download Address: ★

Free ASP Homepage Space article

Since the introduction of the ASP gates, as the first dynamic Web technology, the popularity of ASP and applications at an alarming rate of impact on many sites. In the most popular ASP, the network is really everywhere ". asp" traces, not only that, many based on ASP Web sites to expand their impact and site, have launched a support for the ASP's free homepage space, which for the vast number of nets, is a good resource, Because everyone wants to share their results with others, please follow me:

East China Window ( Once applied, East China window automatically allocate 10M disk space for you, automatically open FTP and provide three-level domain name (, free e-mail ( Special Features: Support Active Server page, Access (English version), and if you need to, you can request SQL Server services.

Student Information Network ( Create a Web site soon, the server is still in the pilot phase, provide the main page space size of 20M, and support ASP permissions and Access database. Any individual or unit that makes a certain contribution to the personal homepage can provide international top-level domain name and 150M virtual host space free of charge. This is seductive, inspiring action Ah!

Beijing Online ( Provide 100M website space, support asp/php/mysql/access! only recruit 100 stationmaster.

Business Boy ( 20M website space, support cgi/php/asp+access, plus 10M email.

League of Lovers ( In order to expand the impact of various aspects, especially welcome to join the special website, while providing Asp\cgi\php\mysql permissions.

ASP other website link article

The door of China's web--web page making navigation:

ASP boutique launched the selection of Web site name: The site has been classified, and the ★ level for evaluation. As far as the author feels, its evaluation is more objective.

See: Http://

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