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Script | Write this little thing from the starting point, due to the frequent need for online use ASP script ADO to the Database execution table, modify the field
Every time you want to FTP modify the upgrade file to pass up or online modified to run! It's a lot of trouble.
So I wrote this little thing! Very convenient ~ ~

Script Features:
1. Can run any ASP VBScript scripts other than SSI (such as #include file) and preprocessing directives (such as @ language=javascript)
such as database connection, Recordset set up, even FSO, etc.
2. And can run <%%> <%=%> HTML mixed ASP script
3. There is a simple fault-tolerant processing mechanism, you can simply know that the script that part of the error
4. With the Verification code login, password and username in the code runasp.asp Head modification, the default is to provide the account number: admin Password: admin

Looks like this script is very simple, in fact the function extremely formidable terrible!
Although there is a simple login verification, but still do not recommend you to use on your site, as a helper debugging ASP code gadgets
Personally think more practical! So you can test it yourself, play it, or test tools as a temporary forum code to solve the problem!
Because every time to enter the debugging environment to run ASP is indeed troublesome!
It's also important to note that 50% of the &LT;TD width=50%> must be written in quotes.

Demo (admin password Admin):
(The actual execution function has been blocked, please download or paste the following code test use):


<% @ language= "VBSCRIPT"%>
<%option Explicit
Dim spassword,susername
Susername= "Admin"
spassword= "Admin"
Dim sqlmutistr
Dim i
Dim action
Action=request.querystring ("Action")

IF action= "GetCode" Then '---------TOT
ELSE '--------TOT
Response.Write ("<! DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC ""-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 transitional//en ">"
Response.Write ("<HTML>")
Response.Write ("<HEAD>")
Response.Write ("<title>asp RunCode SCR v1.0/create by v37</title>")
Response.Write ("<meta name=" "Generator" "content=" "Editplus,v37," ">")
Response.Write ("<meta name=" "Author" "content=" "V37," ">")
Response.Write ("<meta name=" "Keywords" "content=" ",,v37,runcode,asp,script,," ">")
Response.Write ("<meta name=" "Description" "content=" "ASP script running ASP code!" > ")
Response.Write ("</HEAD>")
Response.Write ("<body bgcolor= #D4D0C8 >")

Sqlmutistr=trim (Request.Form ("Sqlmutistr"))
If session ("login") = "" and action= "Chkpass" Then
Session ("Login") =checkpass ()
End If
If action= "Exit" then session ("login") = ""
If session ("login") = "1" Then
If action= "RunCode" Then
If sqlmutistr= "" Then
Response.Write "Did not enter the code to run!"
Response.Write "<br><br><a href=" "Javascript:window.history.back ();" " > Back to run Page </a><br><br> "
Response.Write "<a href=" "Action=exit" "> Exit Login </a>"
Dim Exestrarr
Dim re
Dim tempsql,tempsql2
Dim Scriptarr,scriptsubarr
Tempsql2= ""
If InStr (LCase (tempsql (0)), "language") >0 then
Tempsql2=tempsql (1)
If UBound (tempsql) >1 Then
For I=1 to UBound (tempsql)
Tempsql2=tempsql2&tempsql (i)
End If
Tempsql2=trim (tempSQL2)
End If
Tempsql2=replace (tempSQL2, "<%" & "=", "<" & "%response.write")

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