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Most of the Excel.Application ( components are used to generate
Find error prone, and for most of the rookie like me, more trouble, considering the previous days with asp+ template generation static page method, after many attempts, finally mastered a asp+ template to generate Excel and Word, the new way to share the following:

Use templates to build Excel, Word's greatest advantages:

Word, Excel document style easy to control and adjust, used Excel.Application to build Excel, Word, need to write a lot of code to control the style of typesetting, with templates almost unlimited, just open Word or Excel, edit the document, select File-> Save as a Web page ", you can easily do the template, using Office-generated templates than directly in the DW to do the template more in line with Office preference, the generated file style can be the original word, Excel format 99%, It is therefore recommended that you use Office (office97~office2003) to generate the template framework directly.

The main code
Copy Code code as follows:

' Welcome to communicate with me and learn
' Author: Happy Bullets
' Blog:
' qq:37294812
' Open fault tolerance mechanism
On Error Resume Next
' function to detect whether the server supports specified components
Function Object_install (strclassstring)
On Error Resume Next
Dim xtestobj
Set Xtestobj=server.createobject (strclassstring)
if-2147221005 <> ERR then object_install=true
Set xtestobj=nothing
End Function
If Object_install ("Scripting.FileSystemObject") =false Then
Response.Write "<div style= ' font-size:12px;color: #333; height:20px;line-height:20px;border:1px solid #DDCF8F; Padding:6px;background: #FFFFED Font-family:verdana ' > Sorry, your space does not support the FSO component, please contact the Administrator!</div> "
End If
If Object_install ("") =false Then
Response.Write "<div style= ' font-size:12px;color: #333; height:20px;line-height:20px;border:1px solid #DDCF8F; Padding:6px;background: #FFFFED Font-family:verdana ' > Sorry, your space does not support function, please contact the Administrator!</div> "
End If
' Function name: ReadTextFile
' Function: Use object to read text files
' Parameter: FileURL file relative path, Filecharset: File encoding
function Readfromtextfile (fileurl,filecharset) ' Functions
Dim str
Set Stm=server. CreateObject ("")
Stm. type=2 ' The data type specified or returned,
Stm.mode=3 ' specifies open mode, now read-write mode, similar to Word's read-only or lock function
Stm.loadfromfile server. MapPath (FILEURL)
End Function
' Function name: writetotextfile
' Function: Write text file with object
Sub Writetotextfile (Fileurl,str,filecharset) ' method
Set Stm=server. CreateObject ("")
Stm. type=2
Stm. SaveToFile server. MapPath (FILEURL), 2
End Sub
' Function: Create folder automatically
' Create a level or multilevel directory to create a non-existent root directory
' Parameter: The name of the directory to create, which can be multilevel
' Return logical value, true success, False failed
' Create the root directory of the directory starting from the current directory
Function Createmultifolder (ByVal cfolder)
Dim Objfso,phcreatefolder,createfolderarray,createfolder
Dim I,ii,createfoldersub,phcreatefoldersub,blinfo
Blinfo = False
CreateFolder = Cfolder
On Error Resume Next
Set objFSO = Server.CreateObject ("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
If ERR Then
Err.Clear ()
Exit Function
End If
CreateFolder = Replace (CreateFolder, "", "/")
If Left (createfolder,1) = "/" Then
CreateFolder = Right (Createfolder,len (CreateFolder)-1)
End If
If Right (createfolder,1) = "/" Then
CreateFolder = Left (Createfolder,len (CreateFolder)-1)
End If
Createfolderarray = Split (CreateFolder, "/")
For i = 0 to UBound (createfolderarray)
Createfoldersub = ""
For II = 0 to I
Createfoldersub = createfoldersub & Createfolderarray (ii) & "/"
Phcreatefoldersub = Server.MapPath (createfoldersub)
If not objfso.folderexists (phcreatefoldersub) Then
Objfso.createfolder (Phcreatefoldersub)
End If
If ERR Then
Err.Clear ()
Blinfo = True
End If
Createmultifolder = Blinfo
End Function
' Click the download prompt
function DownloadFile (strfile)
strFileName = Server. MapPath (strfile)
Response.Buffer = True
Set s = Server.CreateObject ("ADODB.") Stream ")
S.type = 1
On Error Resume Next
Set FSO = Server.CreateObject ("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
If not FSO. FileExists (strFileName) Then
Response.Write ("Response.End
End If
Set f = fso. GetFile (strFileName)
Intfilelength = F.size
S.loadfromfile (strFileName)
If Err Then
Response.Write ("Response.End
End If
Response.AddHeader "Content-disposition", "attachment"; Filename= "&
Response.AddHeader "Content-length", intfilelength
Response.Charset = "UTF-8"
Response.ContentType = "Application/octet-stream"
Set s = Nothing
End Function
If ERR Then
Err. Clear
Set conn = Nothing
Response.Write "<div style= ' font-size:12px;color: #333; height:20px;line-height:20px;border:1px solid #DDCF8F; Padding:6px;background: #FFFFED font-family:verdana ' > website abnormal error, please contact the administrator, thank you! </div> "
End If

To build a Word document:
Copy Code code as follows:

' Create a file
Dim templatename,templatechar,filepath,filename,filecharset,templatecontent
Templatename= "template/template_word.htm" template name, support with path, such as "/moban/moban1.htm" or "temp/moban1.htm"
templatechar= encoding of "gb2312" template text
Filepath= "files/word/" ' Generate file save path, current directory please leave blank, other directory, path must end with "/"
Filename= "Doc1.doc" ' the file name that will be generated
Createmultifolder (filepath) ' This sentence to determine whether the folder exists, not automatically created, support n-level directory
Filecharset= "gb2312" the text encoding to be generated
' Read the specified template content
Templatecontent=readfromtextfile (Templatename,templatechar)
' The following is for you to replace the template content
Templatecontent=replace (TemplateContent, "{$websiteName}", "Blue Ideal")
Templatecontent=replace (TemplateContent, "{$userName}", "Happy Bullets")
Templatecontent=replace (TemplateContent, "{$now}", now ())
' Other content ...
' Final call function to generate file
Call Writetotextfile (Filepath&filename,templatecontent,filecharset)
' Finally close the object
Stm. Close
Set stm=nothing
DownloadFile (Filepath&filename)

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