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People who care about ASP. NET VNext may have read related articles, such as: ASP. NET VNext @ 2014. So, as you probably already know, ASP. NET VNext out of the System.Web.DLL, merging the Web API into the MVC framework, and more fully adopting the Task-based asynchronous program model. Therefore, we should be able to expect that the adoption of VNEXT applications will be more modular, better performance, easier to write asynchronous programs (with C # 's async/await syntax), and easier to extend (scale).

Also, it is also important to know what the ASP. NET VNext already has. In addition to the system.web that have just been said, these techniques do not exist at ASP. VNext:

    • Web Forms
    • ASMX Web Services
    • WCF REST
    • HTTP Module and HTTP Handler

The above technologies can still be used in legacy ASP. NET architectures, but not in vNext applications. Applications running on IIS cannot mix traditional ASP. NET and Next-generation ASP. NET VNext frameworks.

Two types of CLR flavors

The ASP. NET VNext application has two execution environments to choose from: The Core CLR and the full CLR. As the name implies, the former is thin and light, the latter Package Hill Sea.

The VNext application that chooses to use the full CLR will be able to use all the capabilities of the. NET Framework 4.5 and use the. NET DLL components in the GAC.

The VNext application that chooses to use the core CLR uses NuGet to load some of the core CLR components. The main advantage is that it supports XCOPY-mode deployment and can be executed with other CLR runtime versions side-by-side. The disadvantage is that many components are less available, such as WinForms, WPF, WCF, WorkFlow, and so on.

Although the VNext application can support both the Core CLR and the full CLR, and we can use conditional compilation in the program to narrate #if Aspnet50core, it seems, in fact, that the application to develop the full CLR will not run into Compilation failed (for example, compilation failed because a class name could not be found).


Just mentioned the core CLR core component loading process, Rick Strahl's article and the 〈 5 of the key: K〉 has a more detailed introduction with more detailed introduction, suggested look.

After all, this time, the big revision of ASP, K is also the protagonist Ah.

Merry X ' Mas & Happy New year!

    • ASP. Vnext:the Next Generation by Rick Strahl

ASP. VNext Micro Notes

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