ASP[MICROSOFT][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Cannot update the database or the object is read-only

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Recently help others to deal with the data, found that when adding data, the prompt "ASP can not update." The database or object is read-only. "From the Internet to find out, also did not solve my problem."
1, the server's data directory MDB file directory, is read-only
2, the database in the local permissions, to read-only permissions, and then upload
3, it is possible that you are moved from the read-only directory to the readable directory, so it must not be so used, first down to the local, and then upload, can solve such problems.

"Cannot update, database or object is read only" solution
Initial contact Dreamweaver, when making a simple page implementation to write data to an Access database, you always encounter such an error:
Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error ' 80004005′,[microsoft][odbc Microsoft Access Driver ' cannot be updated.
the database or object is read-only. Debugging a number of times does not work.
No way, only Google a moment, hehe. It seems that I encountered a lot of this situation, a check on a lot of relevant information, the benefits of resource sharing Ah, ^_^

Way to solve:

The problem with this is the access permissions for the site directory, because when you use an Access database, you want to generate a. ldb file in the same directory, if this directory
There is no write permission or the Access database itself does not have write permission, then this error will be * * * *. Because most Web sites are accessed anonymously using the Internet,
We only need to add the "IUSR_ computer name" user to the database directory permissions and give it "write" permission. I found some articles saying
Let's join everyone and give the Write permission, which is too dangerous. In principle, this directory is added when it is written to the user and is configured in IIS
Internet Anonymous Access user, generally defaults to "IUSR_ computer name", but if it is a virtual host to see for themselves.

The specific mode of operation is:

Right-click the database directory (or its parent directory, but note that you want to be able to inherit permissions)-〉 Select "Sharing and Security"-〉 Select the Security tab-〉
Click the "Add" button-〉 Click "Advanced ..." button-〉 click "Find (N)" button-〉 find the user name prefixed with "IUSR_"
(Format for IUSR_ computer name)-〉 Select this user, click OK-〉 so this user is added-〉 in the Internet Guest account permission box,
In addition to the default, "Write permission"-〉 "Apply" or "OK" is selected.

Also, in the database first record and not record must set the flag, if not set, when to this record location, the database allows a single operation error, the second error, pay special attention to

In addition, the mark of some records should have a primary key as well

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