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Validation controls are useful if the information entered does not conform to the user-related prompts, the advantage of this text filtering control is the opportunity to directly not give the user an error message

Some properties of Filteredtextboxextender:
1, TargetControlID: Used to set the text box to be controlled.
2, FilterType: Set the filter type, provide the following four kinds:
Custom: If you choose this option, you can customize the characters that are not filtered in another attribute
Numbers: Lets the associated text box enter only numbers.
Uppercaseletters: Let the associated text box enter only uppercase letters.
Lowercaseletters: Lets the associated text box enter only lowercase letters.
3,validchars: Used to set a valid character when the FilterType is set to custom.
For example: only when you want to enter a number, you can set the value of FilterType: 1234567890
More convenient than their own filtering, but the limitations are obvious, too not free, hope that the next version is more powerful can be added such as regular expression validation of the property, you can more easily verify more content, it seems I am too lazy, very dependent on others to write good things,
The specific use of the method will not be written: here only the point of the key code:
<asp:textbox id= "TextBox4" runat= "Server" width= "378px" ></asp:textbox><br/>
<cc1:filteredtextboxextender id= "FilteredTextBoxExtender1" runat= "Server" targetcontrolid= "TextBox4"
Validchars= "012345689." ><!--I set the value of the validchars here, the value can enter the number and point, the purpose is to limit the input decimal point and number, back to their own digital verification, it is very convenient to achieve the verification of the number-->
Have the opportunity to study more, extension point more attributes, but for a just into the programmer, the road is long ...
I hope this day will come soon. Come on ~ ~
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