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I. AOP framework
EnCase is a C # written and developed for. NET platform provides an AOP framework. EnCase uniquely provides the means to deploy aspects (aspects) to Run-time code, while other AOP frameworks rely on configuration files. This approach to deployment (aspects) helps inexperienced developers improve their development efficiency.

Nkalore is a programming language that expands C # to allow AOP to be used on. NET platforms. Nkalore's syntax is simple and intuitive, and its compiler is based on the monoc# compiler (MCS). Nkalore is currently available only within the command line or #develop. Nkalore is compatible with the common Language Specification CLS (Commonlanguage specification), which can be in any. NET development environment, including Microsoft's visual Studio. Net.

Postsharp reads the. NET byte module and transforms it into an object model. Let the plugin parse and transform the model and write it back to MSIL. Postsharp makes it easy for developers to analyze applications like analyzing code rules and design patterns, which transforms the idea of program development into aspect-oriented software development (AOSD/AOD) thinking.

The goal of ASPECTDNG is to provide a simple yet powerful AOP-GAOP implementation for. NET developers. It follows Java's Open-source tools AspectJ and spoon, and is close to maturity.

RAIL (Runtime Assembly instrumentation Library) Open source projects can be adjusted and rebuilt before C # assemblies are loaded and run. C # in the CLR, we have been able to dynamically load assemblies and get classes and methods in assemblies, and the presence of RAIL (Runtime Assembly instrumentation Library) fills some whitespace in the CLR process.

SetPoint is a fully functional (full-featured) AOP engine under the. NET Framework. It focuses on the use of rdf/owl for definitions called Semantic pointcuts (semanticpointcuts). It functions as a il-level,highly Dynamicweaver&lendl, a compelling definition of language 、、、、、、

DOTNETAOP provides the AOP framework base properties for the CLR language.

NAOP is an AOP framework under the dotnet.

Aspectsharp is a free AOP framework under dotnet, which takes dynamic proxies and XML as configuration files.

second, the AJAX framework

Ajax.NET Professional (Ajaxpro) is one of the first Ajax frameworks to implement AJAX technology in the Microsoft. NET environment. It creates a proxy class on top of the client script to invoke the server-side method. is a framework for creating Web pages under to provide Ajax technology. It makes it easy for developers to integrate Ajax into their pages without having to replace the control or write JavaScript scripting code themselves. is an open source Ajax toolkit for the development environment that can run at 1.1 and 2.0.

iii. Workflow (Workflow) is the creation workflow engine that uses Microsoft. NET technology based on the WMFC standard.

NETBPM is an Open-source workflow software that jbpm ported to the. NET Platform. NETBPM can be easily integrated with. NET applications to create, execute, and manage workflow programs.

BPM tool supports the transformation of business models into software models. Business developers can design, implement, execute, and track business processes using a model-driven approach. So developers can more easily focus on changes in business logic.

Third, text editing

FCKeditor is a powerful open source online text editor (DHTML Editor) that enables you to use many of the powerful features of Microsoft Word's Desktop text Editor on the web. It is lightweight and does not have to be installed on the client side in any way.

Freetextbox is an ASP based on MSHTML technology in Internet Explorer. NET open source server control. This is a good free Software, we can easily embed it into web Forms to implement HTML content online editing, in the news release, blog writing, forum community and other WEB systems will be useful.

Vietpad is a fully functional cross-platform java/. NET Vietnamese Unicode Open Text editor. Support for opening, editing, printing, converting, sorting, and saving Vietnamese files in text-based Unicode format.

Netspell is an open source spell checking engine under the. NET Framework.

Ppc_edit is an open source text editor for use in the Pocket PC, which supports TXT, RTF, HTML, WordML, DocBook, and zip-formatted files, and displays a soft keyboard of international standards on the screen.

Iv. Blogs (blog)

NovaShare is a blog engine that allows you to create interactive web based news and forum sites, much like Wonkoslice or Slashdot. Administrators can publish articles and vote, and visitors can create user accounts, comment, etc.

Dasblog is developed from the BLOGX online log engine. Like Trackback, Pingback adds many additional features, with complete BLOGGER/MOVABLETYPEAPI support, API annotations, complete Radio-style template customization, support mail-to-weblog/ POP3 attachments and inline images, web-based DHTML,OPML, configured editors.

Dottext is a powerful blogging engine that has been used for hundreds of blogs. This is an example of a n-tiered application.

Tblogger is a C # developed complete blog site program that uses XML configuration.

v. System construction

. Netz is a free open source tool that compresses and packs Microsoft. NET Framework Executables (Exe,dll) to make them smaller. Smaller executables take up less disk space and are faster to read because of less access to the disk when the file is read. It is not the same as the PE (portableexecutable) packaging tool. Netz is a saved. NET solution written using C #. Netz can be used to pack almost every one. NET-supported programs in languages that are written in. Netz supports. NET EXE and unshared (non-shared) DLL files. Compressed programs can be decompressed in the same way that they are transparent to the end user.

Nantcontrib provides the tools for Nant to customize tasks.

Prebuild is an XML-driven, cross-platform pre-build tool that makes it easy for developers to build projects or build files for the IDE and. NET development tools. It supports visual Studio. NET 2002, 2003, SharpDevelop, MonoDevelop, and NAnt.

Busybeebuilder is a powerful, easy-to-use, extensible open Source build automation tool under the. NET Platform. is a Windows service application. Its design makes it easy to continuously integrate new features. Monitor your source code repository. Automatically recreate the project when it detects changes to your project and send the results of the change list to your email.

Build Studio provides a complete set of solutions for automatic component processing of software. is a consolidated server under the. NET Platform.

Nant, similar to the Apache project Ant, is an open source build tool under. Net. Applicable in automatic compilation. NET applications, such as the daily build of. NET projects (nightly builds).

v. Chart making

Zedgraph is written in C #. NET class library, which provides user controls and Web controls. It can create 2D of linear, bar, and pie charts. It is fully functional and has detailed feature customization, but using the default options is good enough. A similar piechart, Stackbar, Linechart C # Open Source Chart component.

Nplot is a. NET open Source Chart class library. It is commendable that the elegant and flexible API design. Nplot contains the Windows Form control, ASP. NET control and a class that creates a bitmap picture. There is also an available gtk# control.

Xscharting is a chart component developed by C # that provides a wide variety of charting options.

Davechart is a free dotnet class library.

Nchart offers a number of 2 D charts worth applying in many areas, such as business, education, and so on.

Six, chat system

The Dot Net Chat server is a chat server and client project developed based on the dotnet framework.

VII. Content Management System (CMS)

Ludico is the PORTAL/CMS system written by C # residing in 2.0. Its modular design is that you can use or develop Web functions as you wish. It has advanced user management, a WYSIWYG (WYSIWYG) editor, and so on.

Mojoportal is a C # development of the Object-oriented Web site framework, it can run on Windows and gnu/linux or Mac OS x mono platform.

Cuyahoga is a flexible cms/portal solution developed by C #. It can run on the Microsoft. NET and Mono platforms, support SQL Server, PostgreSQL, or MySQL as the underlying database.

Umbraco is an open source content management system developed in C # under the. NET platform, which is efficient, flexible and has a good user interface.

Kodai CMS is a full-featured content management system under the. NET Platform.

The Rainbow Project is a use of Microsoft ' s ASP. NET and C # technology developed a rich and functional open source content management system.

Nkcms is a content management system developed using ASP.NET and SQL Server 2000.

Amplefile is a content management system that is a Windows application in the. NET environment and uses the. NET Remoting.

Go.kryo is a simple content management system implemented with (C #). NET, and the background database uses Microsoft SQL Server.

Ndcms is a content management system under (C #). It provides user management, file management, a WYSIWYG editor, template management, spell checking, and built-in HTTP compression. The goal of NDCMS is to provide a simple and quick way to deploy. NET sites to save you time and money.

Viii. Code Coverage

Ncover is the C # version Code overlay analysis tool under the. NET Framework. Ncover can line-by-line code coverage statistics on a program.

ix. Forum System

Yetanotherforum can be used as a forum or walls for development sites. It uses MSSQL as the underlying database.

X. Development tools (IDE)

SharpDevelop is a free development tool under the Dotnet platform to support C # and

MonoDevelop is able to support C # and other conformance. The IDE for the development language of the net specification.

C # Studio is a simple IDE for c#/mono/gtk# developers.

Xi. Installation and Production

Izfree is a set of free tools to help create installers that use the Microsoft ' s Windows Installer technology. With Izfree you can make a strong installer for your application.

Windows Installer XML (WiX) can rename the XML source file to create a toolset for Windows program installation packages. It supports command-line approaches, and developers can combine it to create MSI and MSM installation packages with an open source packaging tool that can be compared to commercial software installation products.

12. IOC container

The is ported from the Java Spring Framework. Java Spring contains a number of functions and features that are available in the current's original release contained a very distinctive IOC container.

Castle is a set of application development tools that contain a simple IOC container.

StructureMap is a lightweight dependency injection tool in the. NET environment, and StructureMap is also a flexible, extensible, universal "plug-in" mechanism. NE

13. Bug Tracking

Bugnet is a web-based open source bug tracking system written by C #.

Btsys is a lightweight open source desktop bug tracking system that is implemented by C # and A bug record and tracking solution that supports file attachments and annotation history. is a web-based open source bug tracking system developed using and C #. Requires SQL Server or MSDE support. It is simple to install, easy to use, powerful.

Bugbye is a web-based bug tracking system developed by and C #.

14. Log Tools

Log4net is a. NET class library that can help programmers output log information to a variety of different destinations. It can be easily loaded into the development project, the implementation of the program debugging and running of the log information output, providing more than the Debug class and the Trace class provided by. Net. Log4net is a log4j transplant from a remarkable performance in Java. It is part of a project funded by the Apache Foundation.

Nlog is the open source log class library written by C #, and its design idea is to make it simple and flexible. Nlog lets you process diagnostic log messages, expand messages with related information, format log messages according to your selections, and output log messages to one or more destinations.

Logthis is a C # Open source log framework for. NET applications that can be embedded in applications.

Applog is a simple application log tool. It is developed using C # and uses BYTEFX MySQL data Access library.

The Extensible logging tool developed by C # has advanced Message Queuing support and can be used asynchronously.

CSharp Logger is another log tool designed by Apache following the Log4net project. It is used to write information about the debug, info, warn, and error four levels to the Windows event log.

XV, network Client

The. NET FTP Client is an open source class library written by C #.

. NET Telnet is the open source Telnet class library for C # development under the Microsoft. NET Framework. It's inspired to Java Telnet application.

The Metro project, a class library written in C #, provides a rich set of classes that make it easier to develop IP version 4, TCP, UDP, and ICMP. It contains useful tools such as packet sniffers, network analysis tools such as route tracking, Ping, and so on.

Lj. NET is the client of the LiveJournal site. It provides a simple and powerful user interface for LJ's online logging service.

NET VNC Viewer is a fully open source VNC Observer developed in C #. It is compatible with smartphones, PocketPC, and Windows computers (. NET CF or. NET Framework). Its advantage over other observers is that it can be displayed full screen on PocketPC and can rotate the screen.

Gvdownloader allows you to quickly download embedded video and multimedia from Google videos, Metacafe, Putfile, YouTube, and more. It contains a strong IE plugin and a standalone program located on your system tray.

Dotnetopenmail enables you to send email to the,winform application developed in the Microsoft. NET Framework. It is an open source component written by C # and it is easy to create email with attachments HTML and plain-text without using the System.Web.Mail class library. Programmers do not need to know a lot of relevant details to create multipart/alternative,multipart/related and multipart/mixed MIME messages using different character sets or different mine encodings.

DOTMSN is a stand-alone open source class library that does not need to interact with the official MSN Messenger, so you can use DOTMSN and Msnmessenger services to communicate without having to install Msnmessenger. Dotmsn is written by C #, so. NET environment. The Dotmsn class library is easy to use and easy to implement. It is flexible, rugged, lightweight and easy to integrate into any application system. The use of DOTMSN application system can be implemented from the creation of message bots to custom clients, and other different functions. If your application needs to communicate with Messenger service, DOTMSN is a good tool.

Sharpssh uses C # to implement the SSH2 protocol, which supports SSH, SCP, and SFTP. a set of. NET class libraries that communicate with POP servers.

Icechat is an internet Relay Chat Client designed to connect a variety of IRC servers.

Lphant is an open source client program developed for Edonkey/emule.

The class library developed by. NET FTP Client C #. is an open source SMTP component developed by C #. It does not depend on classes in the System.Web.Mail package of the. NET Framework. Allows developers to use SMTP servers that are different from Ms SMTP and provide webservice to send email via HTTP.

Network server

ODC (#) H is a C # written open source hub software, which is powerful, consumes less resources and supports plug-in functionality.

Dawn of Light (DOL) is the first open source Dark Age of Camelot (DAOC) game server where you can create your own server and design your own game content. DOL uses the. NETFramework Framework for C # Writing, storing data using XML and MySQL, and supporting windows and mono platforms.

Neatupload allows developers to upload files on the disk through streaming and monitor upload progress. It is open source and runs as well under the of Mono ' sxsp/mod_mono and Microsoft. Contains 2 custom controls: * Users can select a file to upload via Inputfile.

ProgressBar can display the upload progress in either a progress bar or a pop-up window. When JavaScript is available, ProgressBar is presented in an AJAX-like, flash-free manner, but it also allows JavaScript-unavailable users to see the upload progress.

Nmail, an Open-source program developed by C #, provides SMTP clients and servers, POP3 and IMAP4 servers. an open source multithreaded FTP program written using C #.

CSharp email Server C # email server is a C # version of Java email server (JES).

PDF Class Library

Pdfsharp is a class library that makes it easy to create PDF files in any language that the. NET Framework supports. FO PDF is a C # write control similar to the server control. It accepts the DataTable and some other parameters to create the XSL FO and uses Nfop (Apache FOP Port in J #) Pdfformatter to draw a DataGrid similar to the PDF. More tags will be added in the future to generate XSL FO.

The open source class library contains classes that generate exact PDF documents. It is. NET platform to help you create simple and flexible PDF files. You can get data from any dataset to create a PDF document. Asp. NET can use to create a dynamic PDF response page.

Sharppdf is a C # class library that can be used to simply create PDF files. It creates a white-compatible PDF format for the file.

Itextsharp is an open source PDF Operation Class Library that can be used to quickly create PDF files. a Chinese blog about Itextsharp.

Persistence Layer Framework

NHibernate is an object-persistence class library for the. NET environment for relational databases. NHibernate comes from a very good Java-based hibernate-relational persistence tool. NHibernate from the bottom of the database to persist your. NET objects to relational databases. NHibernate for you, you don't have to write your own SQL to access objects in the database. Your code is only associated with objects, Nhibernat automatically generates SQL statements, And make sure that the objects are submitted to the correct tables and fields. A significant reduction in the time it took to process data manually using SQL and during development. NHibernate can help you eliminate or wrap the SQL code for a particular database and help you convert the result set from a tabular representation to a series of objects. So for those on the basis of. NET in the application of the middle tier, they realize the object-oriented business model and the application of business logic, NHibernate is the most useful.

The Filehelpers Library is an open source. NET class Library written by C #. It is simple to use and can easily read/write data from fixed-length files or defined records (CSV). It also supports importing/exporting data from different data storage formats (EXCEL, Access, SQL Server).

Websharp is an open source persistence layer framework for people in the country, and its goal is to design a based. NET's Common application software system framework to simplify based on. NET platform of enterprise application software development. At present, Websharp focuses on the following aspects of enterprise application software: 1, database access 2, O/R mapping 3, AOP 4, distributed access

ObjectBroker is an open source O/R mapping framework under the. NET Platform. It supports features such as Object caching, 1:1, 1:N, and M:n Association mappings. is an open source and relational database (RDBMS)-independent object Persistence layer framework that automates the generation of SQL and object structures. It has a SQL factory to create custom queries, DataView build assistants, and excellent performance and refinement documentation.

Ubik is the ORM Persistence layer framework under C # 2.0, which is currently provided by WinForms application development. It supports a subset of Opath and can object-oriented queries and includes a network event system.

Ndal is a data extraction layer (DAL) framework that can be run in. NET and mono environment. is a complete persistence layer framework written by C #.

ObjectBroker is a database object/relational mapping (O/R Mapping) framework under the. NET Platform. helps your application system create a better persistence layer framework.

The Advanced data provider is a dynamic provider for Allows applications to transparently access different data providers.

OJB. NET is an object/relational mapping (O/R Mapping) tool under the. NET Platform.

Portal system

Omniportal is an open source infrastructure built on the idea of a Web-portal-kernel (Web portal core) that addresses security controls, themes, and localization. You can create any Web application system (such as ERP, CMS, CRM) easily based on Omniportal. It supports mono and. Net. For Web developers, Omniportal provides them with an excellent two-time development base Class library. is a C # developed based on open source portal/cms. Originally from the popular developed web portal system DotNetNuke transplanted. Future versions will be compatible with Windows and Linux Mono.

The Personal. NET Portal is a web-based personal gateway system. It tries to provide a simple way to build personal sites, pages that use tags and templates to create.

My Community portal offers a unified Internet portal, as a forum, group, chat, your own email, search engine, web directory, personal homepage, polling, and more feature portals.

Profiling Tools (profilers)

Prof-it is a unique and Easy-to-use C # program profiling tool. When a minimum source code is maintained, it measures the frequency of execution for each statement.

Nprof is not just a sophisticated profiler, it's a complete API that can be used to create other full-featured parsers, and a default GUI that is extended with visual tools.

Nprofiler,. NET platform, an application profiling tool.

Project Management

Sharpforge supports collaboration in the development and management of multiple software projects that provide your team with similar SourceForge and CodePlex functions. Sharpforge is a. NET 2.0 open Source project developed by C #.

User is a extreme programming project.

RSS and RDF Tools

RSS Bandit is an open-source RSS reader developed by C #, which builds a multilingual language that supports Atom 1.0 and various other rssfeed formats. It has a beautiful picture, has paging browsing function, software detail set flexibility high. Its operation screen intuitive and easy to understand, there is a good command mode and Listviewex to use, so that users can quickly start. is a C # written open source media collector that automatically downloads music from the Internet to help you easily choose from the thousands of music you like. With it set good subscription rssfeeds, as long as the program is updated, it automatically downloaded, you do not have to waste a lot of time to manually download. It also integrates itunes, creates playlists and ipod sync, you can play with Apple itunes or media Player, or you can import music into your ipod or other MP3 player.

Feedexpress is mainly for you to subscribe to some RSS/RDF resources, known as subscriptions in feedexpress. It and Outlook Express let you subscribe to some newsgroups are the same.

Rss. NET is a kind of operation RSS feeds open source. NET class library. It provides a reusable object model for parsing and writing RSS feeds. It is fully compatible with RSS 0.90, 0.91, 0.92, and 2.0.1 versions.

Gtksharprss is an open-source RSS and RDF client developed by C #, which is used for Mono, gtk#, and It can also display content through a window embedded in Mozilla. is a fully open source class library developed using C #, and its goal is to provide a convenient way to operate Arom Feeds. It provides an object model to write and parse Atom Feeds. It is compatible only with the 0.3Atom specification and can be run on Microsoft. NET 1.x,mono 0.29 or later.

Nrss is an open source class library for the Microsoft. NET Framework and Mono, which reads RSS feeds elements and then presents object relationships in a tree-like structure.

Aggie is a news collector that is a desktop application that downloads the latest news and renders it in the form of a Web page.

Mail2rss is. NET service, it checks your email when you request and returns an RSS feed containing the messages in your email. It is an open source project that is fully developed in C # and does not use any Third-party controls.

Rule Engine

Nxbre is an open source lightweight business rules engine (aka Rule basedengine) under the. NET platform, which consists of a forward serial inference engine (forward-chaining inferenceengine) and an XML-driven flow control engine ( Xml-driven flow control engine). It supports RULEML 0.9 nafdatalog and Visio 2003 modeling.

SRE (Simple rule Engine) is a lightweight open source forward serial inference rules engine (forward chaining inference rule Engine) under. Net. It is easy to understand and can solve complex problems.

Search Engine

Nlucene is a. NET version of Lucene.

Dotlucene, Open source projects to commercialization, Dotlucene to as the basis for continuing to develop.

version Control (CVS)

PORC provides a complete graphical interface for CVS and project management tools, adding some interesting features to CVS. It is. NET platform and written in C #.

Sharpcvslib is a CVS client API written in the C # language. Currently it provides a core function for the public CVS command.

Netcvslib is a CVS client developed for C # under the. NET Platform. It is implemented as a separate assembly, so it can be easily integrated into other projects.

SQL Client

Sqlbuddy is an open source tool written in C # for Microsoft SQL Server and MSDE, which makes it easy to write SQL scripts. The functionality provided by Sqlbuddy is slightly different from the purpose of the Query Analyzer, and it tends to help the user write SQL.

Querycommander is an open source SQL editor that simulates Microsoft's Query Analyzer and Visual Studio's environment type. Querycommander features include IntelliSense functions, automatic annotations, XML document models, Xml2data, and more.

SQL Buddy is a featured free Msde/sql Server IDE, which is used. NET Framework for C # writing.

The database commander is a user-friendly, user-friendly data management tool under the Windows operating system.

Template Engine

Nvelocity is a. NET based template engine. It allows anyone to define objects through a simple and powerful template language.

Testing Tools

NUnit a unit test framework that can be applied to follow. NET Framework standard in all languages. NUnit was originally transplanted from JUnit. NUnit is written entirely in C # and is designed with the majority in mind. NET language features, such as custom attributes and other reflection features.

NMock is a mock mock object class library based on dynamic proxies in a. NET Platform for C # development. A mock object makes testing simpler by testing a single component or a single class without the need for all other components to be truly implemented. That is, we can simply test a class, and it is easier to identify bugs than to test a complete object tree. Mock objects are typically used in test-driven development.

TestDriven.NET is a section and visual Studio. NET seamless test Plug-in. It can be tightly integrated with NUnit, Mbunit and Team System.

Rhino.mocks originates from, which tries to provide a simpler way to create and use mock objects and to give you better refactoring support. It combines the way of and NMock.

The Dot Netunit implements the Xunit test framework, which is the unit test component under the. NET Platform. is a set of class libraries implemented by Java EasyMock to a ported version of the. NET Platform. It provides an easy way to simulate interfaces and remote objects.

Dotunit is a test framework for JUnit porting to the Microsoft. NET Platform. It can implement automated testing.

Nunitforms is an extension of nunit. It provides unit and stress testing for Windows Forms applications that you can easily use to automate testing of your Windows Forms classes.

Web Framework

Nstruts is the version of the famous Struts Open source MVC framework under Java, and is part of the Jakarta Struts framework. is a. NET version from Maverick, an open-source Web MVC framework. It focuses on the MVC logic, which supports rich templates and transformation technologies.

Mavericklite is a simple open source presentation layer framework under It is built on the basis of framework. It uses front controller to process the request.

Ingenious MVC, an application based on the. NET 2.0 structure of the MVC architecture, contains out-of-the-box (Out-of-the-box) features that support and Windows Forms applications. It can also be extended and customized in most ways.

Websharp is a lightweight application framework under the. NET Platform.

Email Client

GMAILERXP is a full set of Open-source programs for Google's Gmail service. The gmailerxp that can be done online allows users to do it, and it also integrates the features of other programs you need at any time in Gmail (GML, Gmailto, etc.).

Remotecalendars is an open source com-for Outlook 2003/2007 developed by C #. NET Plug-ins. After installing this plugin, Outlook 2003/2007 can be used to subscribe to, reread, and delete remote icalendar (RFC2445).

Sharpwebmail is a C # written by the email client. It receives mail through the POP3 server and sends messages through the SMTP server. Its configuration is very simple (only need to do several settings in the web.config).

Web Test

Nunitasp is an automated test ASP. NET page of the open Source tool. It is extended from the NUnit.

wiki engine

Perspective is a C # open source Wiki engine that makes it easy for users to collaborate on editing, linking, and sharing web pages, which have a secure and hierarchical management environment. Perspective's wonderful wiki ideas include other promising and effective features.

Devhawk Wiki is an open source Wiki engine that is implemented by C # under the. NET Platform.

Prontowiki is a C # open source Wiki engine written using VWD (Visual Web Developer), 2.0 and SQLExpress 2005 as the background. The wiki engine is fast and easy to use and provides the same text mark (text markup) feature as rich-text editor. It can automatically receive pictures and files as attachments through the Web interface. In addition, Prontowiki features a page that can be previewed before posting or updating, role-based user authentication, using Web Parts custom look and layout, historical tracking, and feature queries.

FlexWiki is a writing tool that uses. NET Technology (C # and to write open source and multiple collaboration.

Thufir provides word processing and document link functionality. It is similar to Wiki-wiki, and it has the "WYSIWYG" interface. It can also take advantage of Word's spell-checking functionality by interacting with Word.

XML parsing

ODF add-in for Microsoft Word is an open source XML converter that provides the tools to bridge the transition between open xmlformats and open Document Format (ODF). As the first such component, ODF add-in formicrosoft Word 2007 allows you to open and save ODF documents in Word.

Ndigester is the Jakarta commons-digester tool. NET implementation version. Provides a complete control of the processing of XML documents.

Sax. NET is a simple API for manipulating XML. It was ported from an API that was originally widely used in Java.

Multimedia Tools

Freeimage is an open source class library project for developers that supports a wide variety of popular picture formats (PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, etc.). Freeimage is simple, easy-to-use, fast, multi-threaded security, compatible with 32-bit Windows and is Cross-platform (Linux and Mac OS X).

TVGuide is a Windows program that displays a TV list that is downloaded through a simple and clear interface.

The library is designed so that you can get from. NET application to call Microsoft ' s DirectShow functionality. It supports visual Basic. NET and C #, and should theoretically be able to support anything. NET language.

The itunes agent is a C # open source MP3 player that is used with itunes. It allows the playlist to sync with the MP3 AutoPlay when playing MP3.

MeGUI is a comprehensive GUI solution based on the ISO MPEG-4. It can support the use of MPEG-4 ASP (XviD &libavcodec MPEG-4) standard mencoder, using MPEG-4 AVC (x264) standard X264.exe or mencoder, using (He) AAC Audio Standard Besweet, Nero AAC encoder and mp4box using the mp4muxing standard.

Openimagemanager is a new open source image Manager developed by C #. It is based on the very popular picture viewer acdsee (TM) idea design, its function has the thumbnail generation, the HTML album generator, supports 10 languages and so on. is an open source tool written by C # that allows you to bulk browse and export Adobe Photoshop's brushes (. abr files).

Mewig is a component of open source MEncoder (MPlayer) under Windows developed using the. NET Framework. You can convert to almost any video resource without requiring command-line operation.

Vtk. NET is a visualization Toolkit of. NET wrappers. You can use it to write Windows Forms applications for C #, C + +, Visual Basic, or J #. It contains Windows Forms controls that can be dragged at design time.

Subtitlecreator allows you to create subtitles for your DVDs. It has advanced sync features, DVD previews, and a simple WYSIWYG (WYSIWYG) editor. Of course, you can also modify the positioning and color of subtitles on existing DVDs.

Paint.NET is an excellent open source image editor written in C # under Windows.

MediaPortal is trying to help you turn your computer into an advanced multi-media center/htpc. It allows you to listen to your favorite music & radio, watch your videos and DVDs, watch, identify and record other features such as Live TV. MediaPortal is an open-source system and you can get it completely free. Anyone can help the team develop mediaportal or adjust the media Portal to suit their needs.

C # Games

Exult is a game engine that can run ULTIMA7 on the current operating system, providing a map editor and other tools to make your own models and games.

CH2R is the first open Source Model editor available for Halo 2 (Halo 2).

This is a version of Windows that has been ported from a space trader game that is popular on the Palm platform.

EMU7800 is a Atari 2600/7800 simulator written in C #.

Boogame is an object-oriented cls-compliant, open source 2D game engine framework. It provides advanced hardware acceleration video,audio,keyboard,mouse, inline scripting and many picture formats. It is developed using C # with the goal of supporting. NET 1.1, 2.0, and Mono platforms.

Realmforge, the Open-source. NET 3D game engine, formerly known as Visual3D.NET, is a set of frameworks and toolset for visualizing design and development of 3D games, simulation software, and interactive environments using C #,. NET 2.0 and XNA.

Pocket Sudoku is a Sudoku (Sudoku) game on the Pocket PC (Windows Mobile). It can have five different levels of difficulty to create Sudoku (Sudoku) puzzles, answer the correct any puzzles, will be marked with a pencil.

CSGL provides support for OpenGL 1.1-1.4 and many extensions under the. NET Framework.

Document Tools

NDoc can automatically convert the generated assemblies and corresponding/doc XML documents into code documents, such as the. NET Framework SDK class library documentation or the MSDN Library online. NET class library documentation, and let you quickly have a professional class library API Document.

Scripting Languages

Sharp Vector Graphics (svg#) is a Document object model developed in C # under the. NET Framework. It helps you in. NET Platform for SVG development.

IronPython is the codename of Python on the. NET platform. It has a fully dynamic interactive interpreter that can support all of the. NET type library, and integrates the many advantages of. NETFramework, and can even extend. NET classes with Python classes. IronPython complies with the ECMA CLI Standard (ECMA-335) and can run on the Microsoft. NET Framework and Mono.

Geographic Information System (GIS)

Sharpmap is an easy-to-use map renderer that can render GIS data for Web and Windows applications. Sharpmap is an open source project developed using C #, based on the. NET 2.0 framework.

Monogis will become the open source complete GIS under the Mono platform. The Internet MAPSERVER,OGC WMS implementation and some tools like space format conversion have been released.

NASA World Wind is an open source 3D graphics Virtual Earth system on PCs developed by C #. It combines images from satellites taken by NASA, which are used in blue Marble, Landsat 7, SRTM, MODIS and more.

other C # open source projects

The DockPanel Suite is an open-source. Net, docked control (docking) class library under the Windows Forms development environment. It mimics visual Studio. NET of the development of the effect.

Wx. NET is an open source project based on the. NET Common Language Infrastructure (CLI). It is committed to developing a based. NET GUI library, which is written in C # according to the Wxwidgets class hierarchy and can be executed under a variety of CLI, including. Net,mono, and DotGNU

Mmc. NET class library is a set of open source libraries that are packaged to support the Mmc+snapin development of Windows.

Dpatoolkit (design pattern Automationtoolkit) is an open source toolkit designed to design applications with a convenient code generation and reverse engineering capabilities. Drag-and-drop (Drag anddrop) is a convenient way to create UML class diagrams. Supports writing custom plug-ins for code generation and reverse engineering.

Mjbworld is an open source 3D editor that allows users to edit graphics using graphical interface selection and drag-and-drop methods. It is based on and applies x3d and VRML standards. The software aims to build a 3D world using open free programs. It can also be used to exchange data between other free open software programs. Mjbworld has versions of Java, C #, and C + +/QT.

Monocalendar is an open source calendar program under the. NET platform, which is designed to provide an ical-like calendar for platforms other than the Mac platform.

Data Tier Generator is a Microsoft. NET platform, the SQL Server 2000 scripts and C # classes that generate stored procedures for accessing SQL Server2000. These stored procedures include insert, Update, Delete,select, according to PK's Select, based on the FK's select SQL script.

Finisar.sqlite is a Data Provider provided by the. NET Framework for Access sqlite-databases.'s goal is to provide a clear framework for its own symbolic operations and mathematical operations/scientific operations, it is a C # developed open source class library. contains a parser that supports linear algebra, analyzing complex differential, solving equations, and so on.

The ASCII generator dotnet (ASCGEN2) is an ASCII character combination (ASCII art-text) that converts a picture to a high quality. The first version supports variants and bold fonts, and adjusts output in real time.

Gpsproxy is an open source program under the. NET Compact Framework. It copies GPS data between the Pocket PCs via COM ports and converts the GPS data format from NMEA 0183 to Garmin GPS. It is a version of Windows based on the. NET fra.

FOP C # Port This is the C # version of the Apache XSL-FO format Converter in Java. It incorporates and extends the XSL-FO standard so that fops can be embedded in the. NET CLR Management code application.

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