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Example of MailMessage sending mail: C # helper class for sending mail The main thing is to use the Mail.mailmessage class under the Web namespace to send mail with this class is to set some properties on the instance of the MailMessage class, and then use SmtpMail to specify the SMTP server to send. The code is as follows:

The code is as follows Copy Code

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Using System;

Using System.Collections.Generic;

Using System.Linq;

Using System.Text;

Using System.Net.Mail;

Using System.Net.Mime;

Using System.IO;

Using System.Timers;

Using System.Xml;

Using System.Net;

Namespace TEST. Subunit


public class Emailhelper


Public MailMessage mailmessage (string fromaddress,string desemailuser, String toaddress, String emailSubject, String Emailtext)//Mail sender, support for mass, multiple addresses separated by a half-width comma


MailMessage mm = new MailMessage ();

Mm. To.add ("");

Mm. To.add (toaddress)//temporary shielding


Mm. Cc. ADD (New MailAddress ("", "John", Encoding.GetEncoding (936));

Mm. Cc. ADD (New MailAddress ("", "Dick", Encoding.GetEncoding (936));

Mm. Cc. ADD (New MailAddress ("", "Harry", Encoding.GetEncoding (936));

Mm. Bcc.add (",");

Mm. from = new MailAddress (fromaddress, Desemailuser. Length&gt;0?desemailuser:fromaddress, Encoding.GetEncoding (936));

Mm. subjectencoding = encoding.getencoding (936);//Here is very important, if your mail title contains Chinese, here must be specified, otherwise the other side received very likely garbled.

Mm. Subject = EmailSubject; Message headers

Mm. Isbodyhtml = true; Whether the message body is HTML format

Mm. bodyencoding = encoding.getencoding (936); The message body code, set incorrectly, the receiver will receive garbled


Emailtext + = "This is the mailbox to be sent correctly:" + toaddress;

Mm. BODY = emailtext;//Message text

Mm. Priority = Mailpriority.high; Message priority, divided into low, normal, high, usually with normal

Mm. Attachments.Add (New Attachment (@ "D:a.doc", SYSTEM.NET.MIME.MEDIATYPENAMES.APPLICATION.RTF));

The second parameter, which represents the file type of the attachment, can be used without specifying

return mm;


public bool SendEmail (string fromemailaddress, String toemailaddress,string emailtitle,string emailcontent,string Host , String port,string fromemailuser,string desemailuser,string fromemailpass)


BOOL B=false;

String message=string. Empty;

MailMessage mailessage =this.mailmessage (fromemailaddress,desemailuser,toemailaddress,emailtitle,emailcontent);

SmtpClient smtp = new SmtpClient (); Instantiate a SmtpClient

Smtp. Deliverymethod =; Set SMTP Outbound to Network

Smtp. Enablessl = FALSE;//SMTP Whether SSL encryption is enabled on the server

Smtp. host = host; Specify SMTP server address

Smtp. Port = Int. Parse (port); Specifies the port of the SMTP server, which defaults to 25

Smtp. Credentials = new NetworkCredential (Fromemailuser, fromemailpass);//Certification



Smtp. Send (Mailessage);

b = True;

Message= "Send success!"


catch (System.Net.Mail.SmtpException ex)


b = False;

Message= "Send failed!";


return b;




Example 2

The code is as follows Copy Code
Using systme.web.mail;//introduces namespaces
protected void Button1_Click (object sender, EventArgs e)
MailMessage mmsg = new MailMessage ();//Instance One MailMessage
Mmsg. Priority = mailpriority.low;//Set Priority level
Mmsg. from = "";//Sender
Mmsg. to = "";//Recipient
Mmsg. BodyFormat = mailformat.text;//Body Format
Mmsg. Subject = "Mail Send Test";
Mmsg. BODY = "I sent a text message to myself in another mailbox";
Mmsg. Fields.Add ("Http://", 1);
Sender Mailbox Information
Mmsg. Fields.Add ("Http://", "weicfprince");
Mmsg. Fields.Add ("Http://", "Hu Jintao");/password in this confidential haha
Smtpmail.smtpserver = "";//Specify SMTP server
Smtpmail.send (mmsg);//Send mail
Response.Write ("1");
catch (Exception ex)
Response.Write (ex. message);

Of course, you can also send attachments, using Mailattachments, which provides properties and methods to create a mail attachment object.
Mailattachments ma= New MailAttachment ("D://test.txt");/Send attachments to Mail
Mmsg. Attachments.Add (MA);//attach attachment to mail message object

The above is fully implemented to send mail function, but some mailboxes can not be sent, the reason is still not clear.

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