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The oracle database is installed on a machine today, but the prompt is always prompted during registration. The prompt is oci. dll was loaded, but the DLLRegisterServer entry point was not found. later, I ruled out N for a long time to find the cause.

Symptom:Net in windows2003 access oracle9i prompt "unable to load oci. dll" or "unable to find the entry point named ocienvcreate in dll oci. dll" Repair Method

Solution 1


1: Find the installation directory of the oracle client, for example, E:/oracle/ora92. Select the Directory and delete "ASP.. NET and Users, and then grant "full control or modify permissions". Grant "full control or modify permissions" to everyone. Note: the directory permission of the website must also be set to ervryone for full access. Otherwise, the website cannot be accessed even if oracle is ready. restart.
2: The simplest and most direct method is to enable ASP. net user simulation, in the web. <system. web> </system. web> added in the configuration section: <identity impersonate = "true" userName = "USER" password = "PASSWORD"/>
For example, <identity impersonate = "true" userName = "administrator" password = "123456"> </identity>

Solution 2

After studying for a long time, what directory permissions and registries have not worked.

In the end, copy oraclient8.dll, orasql9.dll, and oci. dll to System32 to solve the problem.

The Code is as follows: Copy code


"OracleXaLib" = "javaslient8.dll"
"OracleSqlLib" = "orasql8.dll"
"OracleOciLib" = "oci. dll"

In the first method of the XP system, no security options are available in properties by default. Solution: choose tools> Folder Options> View, and remove the option "use simple document sharing ".

Other methods

When ASP. NET is connected to the Oracle database, DLL (oci. dll) cannot be loaded)
Cancel □use simple file sharing in Folder Options (recommended)
The partition format of the ORACLE_HOME path is NTFS:
Oracle properties under the installation directory-> Security
Set the permission to anyone or set it to ASPNET.
Make sure that ASP. NET users have the permission to access oci. dll.

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