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When I first started learning, I thought how I needed so many things to connect to a database. Now I want to help my friends who just started learning

Data acquisition phase:

Protected SqlConnection conn; // create a database connection object
Protected SqlDataAdapter da; // create a database query object
Protected DataSet ds; // create a DataSet data table object to achieve a closed connection
Protected SqlCommand comm; // operation object for creating a database
Protected void Page_Load (object sender, EventArgs e)
Conn = new SqlConnection ("Data Source = localhost; Initial Catalog = nd_data; User ID = sa; Password = aaaaaa"); // obtain the connection string and establish a connection
Da = new SqlDataAdapter (); // initialize the query object
Da. SelectCommand = new SqlCommand ("select name, id from xs Order by id, name DESC", conn); perform a database operation to query the id and name
Ds = new DataSet (); initialize the DataSet object
Conn. Open (); // Open the connection
Da. Fill (ds, "abs"); // obtain data and store it in a table named "abs ".
Conn. Close (); // Close the connection
Catch (SqlException e1) // handle errors
Response. Write (e1.ToString ());

Data Display stage:

PagedDataSource objPds = new PagedDataSource (); // create a data source object acting on the Control
ObjPds. DataSource = ds. Tables ["abs"]. DefaultView; // input the previously saved "abs" table.
DataListname. DataSource = objPds; // the data source object is passed into the DataList control.
DataListname. DataBind (); // The DataList control displays data information.

Foreground Data Display Method:

<ItemTemplate> // DataList Data Control Template
<Asp: Label ID = "lbNwes" runat = "server" Text = '<% # Eval ("id") %>'> </asp: Label> // display id
<Asp: Label ID = "lbTime" runat = "server" Text = '<% # Eval ("name") %>'> </asp: Label> // display name

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