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Hundreds of images were taken by CCD in batches, named 1.bmp,2.bmp,3.bmp ... , in order, because some of the images are blurred or not conforming to the processing

Conditions, I manually remove it, so I just mentioned the problem, now a large number of picture file name is not continuous, with MATLAB processing inconvenient. So I wrote a C # applet to automatically arrange the images.

I am a rookie, hehe, if you master has a better solution and algorithm, a lot of advice ah. The code is as follows

1 using System;

2 using System.Collections.Generic;

3 using System.Text;

4 using System.IO;

5 using System. Windows. Forms;

6//Automatic renaming

7 namespace Renamebmp

8 {

9 Class Program

10 {

One static void Main (string[] args)

12 {

INT-1; Start picture number

int last = 301; End Picture Number

int temp;

String path1; Find the first empty position

Path2 string; The smallest numbered picture file path after finding the empty location

int count = 0; Number of pictures

String temppath = "";

for (int k = i k <= last; k++)

21 {

TempPath = "F:\test6\" + k.tostring () + ". bmp";

if (file.exists (TempPath))



for (int i = i <= count; i++)

27 {

temp = i + 1;

path1 = "F:\test6\" + i.tostring () + ". bmp";

if (! File.exists (path1))

31 {

path2 = "F:\test6\" + temp. ToString () + ". bmp";

a while (! File.exists (path2))

34 {


if (temp = last)

37 {

path2 = "F:\test6\" + last. ToString () + ". bmp";

The break;


path2 = "F:\test6\" + temp. ToString () + ". bmp";


File.move (path2, path1); Rename using the Move method



MessageBox.Show ("Sorting finished, sorted after the number of pictures as" +count. ToString ());




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