identity (Microsoft's most-proven authentication) 2.0 analysis-based on vs2015 default program

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Because it always feels like the identity is not comfortable to use, such as the extensibility of the Code, and the maintenance of later versions, so analyze it

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In the default program of VS2015, App_start/identityconfig.cs, through the Applicationusermanager create function, the main content of the function is as follows

  public static Applicationusermanager Create (identityfactoryoptions<applicationusermanager> options, Iowincontext context) 
            var manager = new Applicationusermanager (New userstore<applicationuser> ( Context. Get<applicationdbcontext> ()));

It can be concluded that the function initializes, creates a new Applicationusermanager class (the class itself), passes in a new Userstore generic class, and gives the Userstore generic class A view of the class definition, passed in DbContext Context Parameters

In the Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.EntityFramework binary DLL, the userstore new user's function is

Public async Virtual Task createasync (TUser user)
            userstore<tuser, Trole, TKey, Tuserlogin, Tuserrole, tuserclaim>) this). Throwifdisposed ();
            if (user = = null)
                throw new ArgumentNullException ("user");
            ((Userstore<tuser, Trole, TKey, Tuserlogin, Tuserrole, tuserclaim>) this). _userstore.create (user);
            Await (Userstore<tuser, Trole, TKey, Tuserlogin, Tuserrole, tuserclaim>) this). SaveChanges (). Withcurrentculture ();

You can see that the key to the operation of the database is _userstore.create, while the _userstore field is initialized to

This._userstore = new entitystore<tuser> (context);
In addition to the management of roles, the _rolestore field
This._rolestore = new entitystore<trole> (context);

Entitystore generics, manipulating the database through an internal call to EntityFramework

        public void Create (tentity entity)
            . Dbentityset.add (entity);

It's a way to know that you're building your own operations on the database and integrating with identity

Attach the Entitystore code

Namespace Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.EntityFramework {using System;
    Using System.Data.Entity;
    Using System.Linq;
    Using System.Runtime.CompilerServices;
    Using System.Threading.Tasks;
        Internal class entitystore<tentity> where Tentity:class {public entitystore (DbContext context) {this.
            context = context; This. Dbentityset = context.
        Set<tentity> (); } public void Create (tentity entity) {this.
        Dbentityset.add (entity); } public void Delete (tentity entity) {this.
        Dbentityset.remove (entity); Public virtual task<tentity> Getbyidasync (object ID) {return this.
        Dbentityset.findasync (new object[] {ID});
                public virtual void Update (tentity entity) {if (entity!= null) { This. context.entry<tentity> (entity).
            state = entitystate.modified;
        } public DbContext context {get; private set;}
        Public dbset<tentity> Dbentityset {get; private set;} Public iqueryable<tentity> EntitySet {get {return this.
            Dbentityset; }

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