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Need to implement Easyui DataGrid component join Select CheckBox column, and submit background bulk added functionality, the page code is as follows:
Copy Code code as follows:

<script language= "javascript" type= "Text/javascript" >
$ (function () {
$ (' #selectgoods-keywords '). SearchBox ({
Searcher:function (val, name) {
SearchInfo (Val);
$ (' #selectgoods-grid '). DataGrid ({
URL: '/goods/list ',
PageList: [20, 40, 60, 80, 100]
Function SearchInfo (val) {
var keytype=$ (' #keyType '). ComboBox (' GetValue ');
var keytype = ' Goods_name ';
var keywords = val;
$ (' #selectgoods-grid '). DataGrid (' Reload ', {keytype:keytype, keywords:keywords});
function Saveselectgoods () {
var ids = [];
var rows = $ (' #selectgoods-grid '). DataGrid (' Getselections ');
for (var i = 0; i < rows.length; i++) {
Ids.push (Rows[i]. Identifier);
var selectsupplier = ' <%=viewdata[' supplier ']%> ';
$.post ('/suppliergoods/saveselect ', {supplier:selectsupplier, Checks:ids.join (', ')}, function (data) {
if (data) {
$ (' #goodslist-grid '). DataGrid (' reload ');
$ (' #goodsInfo-window '). Window (' close ');
} else {
Alert (' Save failed! ');
}, ' json ');
<div style= "width:100%; height:100% ">
<table id= "Selectgoods-grid" class= "Easyui-datagrid" true "fit=" #tlb_selectgoods_search "toolbar=" True
Rownumbers= "true" fitcolumns= "true" idfield= "Identifier" >
<th field= "ck" checkbox= "true" ></th>
<th field= "Identifier" hidden= "true" width= "0" editor= "text" >Id</th>
<th field= "Goods_name" width= "editor=" {type: ' Validatebox ', Options:{required:true}} "> Product name </th>
<th field= "chemistry" width= "editor=" {type: ' Validatebox ', Options:{required:true}} "> Chemical index </th>
<th field= "Physical" width= "editor=" {type: ' Validatebox ', Options:{required:true}} "> Physical index </th>
<th field= "Partner_name" width= "editor=" {type: ' Validatebox ', Options:{required:true}} "> Cooperation status </th>
<div id= "Tlb_selectgoods_search" >
Product Name: <input name= "keywords" id= "selectgoods-keywords" class= "Easyui-searchbox/><a" "href=" Easyui-linkbutton "iconcls=" Icon-save "plain=" true "onclick=" Javascript:saveselectgoods () "> Save </a>

The controller code for MVC is as follows:
Copy Code code as follows:

Multiple selection items added
<param name= "Supplier" > Suppliers id</param>
Public ActionResult Selectgoods (string supplier)
viewdata["Supplier"] = supplier;
return View ();
Save bulk-Added product information
<param name= "Checks" > Selected products id</param>
<param name= "Supplier" > Supplier name </param>
Public Jsonresult Saveselect (string checks, string supplier)
Jsonresult result = new Jsonresult ();
Result. Data = false;
if (String.IsNullOrEmpty (supplier))
return result;
Suppliergoods goods = new Suppliergoods ();
Goods. Identifier = 0;
Assembling XML
String ids=communion.stringhelper.buildxmlid (checks);
Goods. goods_id = -1;//Label BULK INSERT
Goods. Note = IDs;
Goods. Month_output = convert.todouble (String.IsNullOrEmpty (this. Readfromrequest ("Month_output"))? "0": this. Readfromrequest ("Month_output"));
Goods. supplier_id = Convert.ToInt32 (Supplier);
Goods. Create_date = DateTime.Now;
Goods. Customers = this. Readfromrequest ("Customers");
Goods. Equipment = this. Readfromrequest ("equipment");
Goods. Detail_params = this. Readfromrequest ("Detail_params");
Goods. IsDefault = Convert.ToInt32 (String.IsNullOrEmpty (this. Readfromrequest ("IsDefault"))? "0": this. Readfromrequest ("IsDefault"));
Business Business = new Businesslogic ();
int id = business. save<suppliergoods> (goods);
if (goods. Identifier = 0)
Goods. Identifier = ID;
Result. Data = true;
return result;
catch (Exception e)
return result;

Stored procedures use XML variables to bulk add to the collection of IDs of incoming XML types to the database, stored procedure code as follows:
Copy Code code as follows:

ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo]. [View_suppliergoodscreate]
@Identifier int,
@Supplier_ID int,
@Goods_ID int,
@isDefault int,
@Create_Date datetime,
@Month_Output Float (8),
@Goods_Name nvarchar (=null),
@Physical nvarchar (=null),
@Chemistry nvarchar (=null),
@Customers nvarchar (=null),
@Equipment nvarchar (=null),
@Note nvarchar (MAX) =null,
@Detail_Params nvarchar (=null)
IF @Goods_ID =-1
--BULK INSERT Merchandise
SET @xml = @Note
INSERT into Supplier_goods (Supplier_id,goods_id,create_date,month_output,customers,equipment,note,isdefault, Detail_params)
SELECT @Supplier_ID, identifier, @Create_Date, 0,null,null,null,0,null
From Base_goods
Identifier in (Select ('. ', ' int ') as ID
@xml. Nodes ('/xml/id ') as T (ID) and Identifier not in (select goods_id from Supplier_goods where supplier_id= @Supplier_ID)
SET @Identifier = @Goods_ID
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