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-University course management system program source code (India) hits: 611-7-6 university course management system Program Source code (India) is mainly used to search for university courses. After registering, you can add courses by yourself. You can manage universities and secondary colleges in the background. Code A set of commercial programs developed by a student in India using vs2005, using object-oriented development .. -Asp. net2.0 implements simple menu tab switch hits: 367-7-6 Use CSS + sitemap + usercontrol + masterpage to implement Simple tabs. When we perform website background management, we often need to use tab navigation menus, this is the case in the blog park, as is the case in blogengine. Some time ago, when I studied and modified blogengine, I found that its tab implementation was so easy .. -Postal video entertainment network (including registration machine source code) hits: 440-7-6 Postal broadband entertainment network source code (including registration machine source code) one uses ASP. A complete VOD on-demand program developed by net2.0 supports online addition and download of movies, Membership registration, and other functions. A common class is written for database operations, master and themes are used for skin style control .. -source code of the color drop-down box implemented by 376-7-5A color drop-down box source code this source code mainly demonstrates how to read the system color and display the corresponding color in each entry in the drop-down box. The source code mainly shows the following content: 1. How to obtain the system. drawing. knowncolor Color Control List enumeration 2. How to arrange .. student information management system source code hits: 481 student information management system source code this system is an integrated multi-functional information management system, there are functional modules for instructor data management, student management, class management, professional management, course management, Score Management, and department management. Makes full use of ASP. gridview, datali in net2.0 .. -source code and demo of controls for online editing of PDF documents hits: 440-7-3 PDF documents online editing controls source code and demonstration support for online editing of PDF documents, and can be saved and managed separately. Unzip testsite is the demo folder. Render viewer is the control source code control 51aspx.pdf as the template file. Note: The server needs to install Adobe Reader for better support-similar to the codeproject Forum program source code hits: 500-7-3 The comments function of the Code on codeproject, which is similar to the codeproject Forum program source code, is cool. The comments can be refreshed on the current page, and the message time changes dynamically according to the current time, for example (just a minute ago, yesterday, etc ). This project is developed using vs2003 + mssql2000, developed by liudao Han .. simple verification code source code hits: 442-7-3 a small example of login verification using the verification code, the verification code is randomly generated, the source code with a detailed description of the comment, the parameter can be set, you can enter the Logon account password as needed. Validatecode. aspx generates a file for the verification code

-Log4net control application entry instance source code hits: 413 2007-7-2log4net control application entry instance source code log4net is a well-known open-source log logging component developed based on. NET. The logging function is very powerful. It can output logs to different media according to different levels and different styles. This source code is made by a log4net .. -Simple and exquisite message source code hits: 555-7-2 simple message source code using access as a database for development of a small and simple message book, although simple functions, however, the page layout and paging operations are all refined. This message book has only one page
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