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Asp tutorial. net webform and tutorial mvc development Summary

1. I created a new mvc project to copy all the pages of the original website.

2. It is found that the compilation and translation are passed, but first the class library file cannot be found (originally under the app_code folder)

Solution: create a new folder. For example, mycode copies the class under the original app_code folder to the new folder.

(Note: mvc may not automatically recognize the app_code directory)

3. The problem that the class cannot be found after compilation and release is solved, but there are other problems: the page background Code cannot find the control on the page.

Is it the reason for the namespace? (The original page does not have a namespace) So the namespace problem persists.

I used to find the front-end control in the background code of the website project page. How can I copy it?

What is the difference? If you want to think about it, the different types of projects are essentially converted from website projects to web projects.

In addition to the page file background code file, the web project also has a file (designer. cs) Background code that can recognize foreground controls because of this

The designer file is automatically generated by right-clicking the original website file (converting to a web application ).

Finally, you can recognize the front-end controls.

4. There is no problem in compiling and running. It takes a sigh of relief that the release program has a small bug. So I opened the source code and tried to modify it and found another problem.

There was an error mark in the original space on the design interface. Why? This is troublesome to change.


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