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As we are going to develop an website this semester, the instructor asked us to provide a detailed plan and schedule in the early stage. Because the website development process is unknown and all instructions to be learned are blind, the plan should be prepared after the general process is understood. I will ask the students and consult them online, summary of the rough website development process and some required knowledge. There may be many vulnerabilities and defects. As you can see, I hope you can provide guidance .....


Summary 1


Steps for creating a website in

1. The first step is to analyze the requirements and what functions you plan to perform, the factors involved, and their associations.

2. Database Design: define possible Data Objects Based on functions and design a data dictionary.

3. Simple system design, that is, the architecture, mode, and technology used.

The point here is that the website is basically built using a three-tier architecture MVC model, ASP. NET layer-3 architecture is divided from the bottom up into: data access layer (DAL), business logic layer (BLL) and presentation layer (PL ). MVC refers to model-view-controller)


4. As a website, the artist interface is indispensable. A real company generally has a special design by the artist, which is then cut into htm pages and implemented by programmers.

5. Project Construction and software coding.

6. Website testing, functional and non-functional testing. Whether all functional requirements are implemented, errors, bugs, and so on. Other features such as data verification and convenient page operations should also be used as a test item.


Conclusion 2

What I talked about on the Internet is a bit clear about ASP.. NET layer-3 architecture steps, which describes some examples to demonstrate how to use ASP. NET 2.0 and SQL Server 2005 databases to build a three-tier architecture application:

Http:// #

A blog post that may be helpful: ASP. net mvc website development practices-project framework



Conclusion 3


Technologies involved:

1. Html/css/javascript/ajax (first understand the div box model. Currently, many modules of the website are nested with boxes, and css layout has a flow layout (left to right by default, from top to bottom), layer layout (fixed position layout), and floating layout (float), a website will basically use these three types)

2. C # application programming knowledge and background code

3. Database SQL. It seems that most of the websites developed by use SQL server, which is used by students. Learning SQL statements and Database Construction

4. You need to understand the MVC design pattern of the three-tier architecture to build your own website.


Reminder: Our website is composed of the front-end interface and the background management interface. In addition to preparing the front-end interface, we also need a background administrator management interface. The following figure shows the background management page.

Note: In website development, the steps are similar to those in conclusion 1, but we tend to reverse (starting from the front-end code writing). For this problem, since we are not very familiar with and have technical problems, we feel that for our small projects, as long as you have clearly arranged your project plans and the website logic is clear, you can first prepare for the preliminary work and then compile the code, you can also directly compile the code and learn and follow the process.

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