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1. Allow update of this pre-editing site

After this item is selected, the compiled aspx files and DLL files are the same as those in 2003.
If this item is not selected, the compiled aspx has no interface information and only one static text, that is, the page cannot be modified after being published.

To prevent users who subscribe to the website from experiencing significant latency when opening the page for the first time, you can use the full pre-compilation method.
If you want this compilation method to have maximum security, remove "allow update of this pre-compilation site (allow this precompiled site to be updateable ". in this way, both the code file (CS file) and the Content File (aspx) are pre-compiled.

2. Use a fixed name and a single-page assembly

Compile a lot of DLL with fixed names based on the class names on the screen.

3. enable strong naming for pre-edited assembly 
In most cases, the full pre-compilation method is exactly the required method, but sometimes because the content file does not change much, you may want, you do not need to compile all the code and content files every time.
You do not need to compile the content file again. You only need to compile the code file. In this case, select "Allow to update this pre-compiled site ", this method is called "only pre-compiled code files (pre-
Compilation of code only) "method. This method is only different from the" full pre-compilation method ", that is, the content file is still the original version, not the stub
(Stub) version, other effects are the same. after a content file is published, it can also be edited. Its changes will take effect when future requests arrive, which is transparent to users who access the site.

Naming (Strong names) If an Assembly needs to be shared, it must use strong naming. A strong naming uniquely identifies an assembly. It consists of four parts:
1. The Assembly name (excluding the file extension); 2, version; 3, culture; 4, the key pair (that is, a public key and a private key) is saved in the key file.
The key file is a file that contains both the public key and the private key. When using a strong name, of course, this key file is required. To create a key file, run the command Sn-K keypair. SNK.

Late Signature: Obviously, every company's private key must be stored securely, which brings about a dilemma: when developing and testing a shared assembly, strong naming is required,
When creating a strong name, you must access the private key, but you cannot provide the company's private key to all developers who participate in project development and need to create a strong name. What should I do? In this case, we need to use the "delayed signature" technique.
Operation. in this way, when creating a strong name assembly, you only need to provide the public key, because the public key is allowed and secure for all people. With the public key, developers can develop programs.
And the test work, and the public key and private key are used at the same time until the final build is ready. the delayed signature must be extracted from the key file to form an independent public key file. Run the following command:
Sn-P keypair. SNK publickey. SNK. In this way, publickey. SNK only contains the public key and can be used.


Visual studio2005 separates website development and website release directories, which is a good setting.
However, every time a website is published, the DLL file of the website will generate a random name, and the classes inherited by the page will inherit the random name.
This causes a slight modification. After the website is published, all the pages must be uploaded again.
If the "fixed name and single-page assembly" method is used, too many DLL files will be generated, which will upset you.



Right-click to generate an add web deployment project in the current solution. In this project, you can set the DLL generation naming method. A website can be generated after the project is generated! The functions of the original website can be retired!

Refer to Microsoft's original article


 Using webdeployment project to improve the foundation of website publishing in vs2005 (I)

When the website is published in vs2005, the DLL file generated does not generate the rule like vs2003. The generated DLL file name contains a random number and cannot generate a DLL file for a project. It is a pity that, in order to do the same thing as vs2003, microsoft released the webdeployment project plug-in to solve this problem:

1. Download the installation, right-click the project in vs2005, an option will appear "add web deployment project" (

2. Select to add a webdeployment Project (enter the assembly name and publishing address)

3. There will be an additional project ( in the solution at this time)

4. Right-click the project to set the corresponding properties

5. Right-click the project and select "generate". At this time, the website will be published to the specified directory, and the DLL file will be generated in the same way as vs2003. When updating, you only need to upload the DLL file.

I found this error during running,

Error 1: Repeated aspnet_merge.exe "has exited and the code is 1. C: "program
Files "msbuild" Microsoft "webdeployment" v8.0 "microsoft.webdeployment.tar gets 574 9 daishusite

Later, I checked it online. Because the class has the same name.

Generate and run the VS 2005 tool-options-project and solution-, set "msbuild project generation output details", and select "details ". After the Web deployment projects project is created again, the information in the "output" box becomes very rich. In this way, you can view the error information.

Then you will know which painting class has the same name. Then change it. OK.

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