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Recently do a function, taking into account the ease of use of users, reduce pop-up pages, the use of point "edit" button without pop-up page directly the current row of cell content can be edited. Enter the page to display the following figure:

Click the Edit button to display the following figure:

The "Week" and "whether to go to work" numbered 1 are editable, and the click "Update" is saved when the edit is complete.
The data loading in the first image is achieved by:
Protectedvoid Gridview_rowdatabound (object sender, GridViewRowEventArgs e)
The modified data in the second diagram is achieved by:
Protectedvoidgridview_pue_rowupdating (object sender, Gridviewupdateeventargs e)
I thought we were going to make it, who knows? The Update button appears with the "Fire unhandled event rowediting" error:

Added to the GridView
Protectedvoidgridview_rowediting (object sender, GridViewEditEventArgs e)
Fix the problem, but the interface shown in Figure 2 occurs every time you need to click the Edit button two times, and the first time you click the Edit button is to jump into the Gridview_rowediting method and add code to the method:
Gridview.editindex= E.neweditindex;
Bindgrid ();
Solve the problem
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