Aspose.barcode has fixed various issues on PDF417 barcode identification and generation of barcode control nets

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Aspose.barcode is a powerful, robust barcode generation and barcode recognition component developed by Aspose Pty Ltd, which is written in Managed C # to help developers quickly and easily to their Microsoft applications (WinForms, ASP. and the. NET Compact Framework) to add barcode generation and barcode recognition capabilities. With Aspose.barcode, developers have complete control over every aspect of the barcode image: Background color, bar color, image quality, rotation angle, x size, title, customer custom resolution, and more. Aspose.barcode can read and recognize common one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcodes from arbitrary graphs and angles.

Bugs and Bugs fixed:

    PDF417 barcodes in
    • BMP are not recognized.
    • xamlparseexception occurs when a barcode element is dragged on the page. The
    • does not recognize CODE11 barcodes in BMP images. The
    • does not recognize PDF417 barcodes in the JPG image file format.
    • Error bar code text from PDF417. The
    • does not recognize Datamatrix barcodes from TIF files. The
    • EAN13 code is recognized by the UPCA symbol.
    • does not recognize the Datamatrix code from the PDF file.
    • does not recognize all PDF417 barcodes from the TIF image.
    • If you do not try a directional angle, the QR code is not recognized.
    • fixes an issue in the Swisspostparcel and STRIPFNC modes.
    • Datamatrix C40 pattern recognition problem. The
    • does not recognize Datamatrix barcodes from PNG files.
    • Datamatrix angle detection. The
    • Datamatrix code identifies the error.
    • non-standard Datamatrix images cannot be recognized.
    • The code text is still visible even if codelocation does not use EAN8, EAN13, UPCA, and Upce. The
    • uses direction enumeration to not recognize Code128 barcodes.
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