Aspose.words Generating Reports

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1. Introduction of Aspose.Words.dll


A. Create a Word template and insert bookmarks where you want to read the data dynamically, bookmarks are not displayed by default and can be set to display in Word settings;

B. Single-line text can be set to replace field, case reference: Http://

3. Inserting text in C # code

String tmppath = Server.MapPath ("~/test.docx");//Read template wordstring appimg = Server.MapPath ("~/admin/project/ajax/image/ "+ Datasettablename +"/appchart.png ");//Read the picture to be inserted datatable appdatetable = Getanalysisdata (Datasettablename," Appdate " , 15, "15", "Country", "line");//Obtain the analysis result data document DOC = new document (Tmppath); Load template Documentbuilder builder = new Documentbuilder (DOC);p Rinttablefmat (builder, appdatetable, appimg, "Ipcbu", Doc, 10 0);//Call Insert table and picture method string[] FieldNames = new string[] {"UserName", "Createtime"};//single-line text entry, which corresponds to the field set in the template <span style= " Color:rgb (51, 51, 51); font-family: ' Microsoft yahei ', Verdana, Sans-serif, song body; font-size:13px; letter-spacing:0.5px; line-height:22.5px; " >mergefield</span>object[] fieldvalues = new object[] {User.Identity.Name, DateTime.Now.ToShortDateString () };//defines the value of the input doc. Mailmerge.execute (FieldNames, fieldvalues); Execute the input doc. Save (datasettablename+ "report. Doc", Saveformat.doc, Savetype.openinword, Response);//Save and download

        <summary>////Print data to Word form///</summary>//<param name= "Builder" &GT;DOCU Mentbuilder builder = new Documentbuilder (DOC);</param>//<param name= "DT" > Data sheet </param>/ <param name= "img" > Inserted picture </param>//<param name= "Mark" >word label </param>//&lt ;p Aram Name= "Doc" >document doc = new Document (Tmppath); Loaded templates </param>///<param Name= "width" > cell width </param> public void Printtablefmat (DOCUMENTB Uilder Builder, DataTable DT, string img, string mark, Document doc,int width) {Builder. MoveToBookmark (Mark); Start adding value Builder.            Starttable (); Builder.            Rowformat.alignment =; Builder.            CellFormat.Borders.LineStyle = Linestyle.single; Builder.            CellFormat.Borders.Color = Color.Black; Builder.            Cellformat.verticalalignment =; BuiLder.            ParagraphFormat.Alignment =; Builder.            Bold = true; for (var i = 0; i < dt. Columns.count; i++) {Builder.                InsertCell (); Builder.                Cellformat.width = Width; Builder. Write (dt. Columns[i].                Columnname.tostring ()); Builder.                Cellformat.verticalalignment =; Builder.            ParagraphFormat.Alignment =; } builder.            Endrow (); Start adding values for (var i = 0; i < dt. Rows.Count; i++) {for (var j = 0; j < dt. Columns.count; J + +) {Builder. InsertCell ();//Add a cell builder.                    CellFormat.Borders.LineStyle = Linestyle.single; Builder.                    CellFormat.Borders.Color = System.Drawing.Color.Black; Builder.                    Cellformat.width = Width; Builder. CellformAt.                    Verticalmerge = Aspose.Words.Tables.CellMerge.None; Builder. cellformat.verticalalignment =;//Vertical Center alignment builder. ParagraphFormat.Alignment =;//Horizontal Center aligns the builder. Write (dt. ROWS[I][J].                ToString ()); } builder.            Endrow (); } builder.            Writeln (""); Builder.            Writeln (""); Builder.            Writeln (""); Builder.            Insertimage (IMG, 450, 250); Doc. Range.bookmarks[mark]. Text = ""; Clear out the Mark}

Aspose.words Generating Reports

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