ASP's foundation, you all?

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ASP's foundation, you all?

1.ASP refers to?

Correct answer: Active Server Pages

2. What is the delimiter that surrounds the ASP server script?

Correct answer:<%...%>

3. How to write "Hello World" with ASP?

Correct answer: Response.Write ("Hello World")

4. "<%=" is equivalent to:

Correct answer: <%response.write

5. In ASP, what is the default scripting language?

Correct answer: VBScript

6. How to use JavaScript to write scripts in ASP?

Correct answer: The document starts with: <%@ language= "JavaScript"%>

7. How do I get data from a form submitted using the "Get" method?

Correct answer: request.querystring

8. How do I get data from a form submitted using the "post" method?

Correct answer: Request.Form

9. Assume that page 1 has the following links: <a href= "Page2.asp?color=green" >go</a>, then page2.asp how to get "color" parameters?

Correct answer: request.querystring ("Color")

10. Which ASP attribute can be used to identify users

Correct answer: ASP Cookie

11. Share a Session object for all users of the same application

Correct answer: wrong

12. Share a Application object for all users of the same application

Correct answer: Correct

13. If the user has cookies enabled, the session variable is available to all pages in an application.

Correct answer: Correct

14. The suffix of the containing file must be ". Inc"

Correct answer: wrong

15. What is the correct way to quote ""?

The correct answer: <% #include file= ""%>

16. Which of the following events is the standard Global.asa event

Correct answer: Application_OnStart is required for all sites

Correct answer: wrong

18. Which object is not an ASP component?

Correct answer: Linkcounter

19.ASP comes with a standard component that can display different ads each time a user enters or refreshes the page, what is the name of this component?

Correct answer: AdRotator

20. How do I create FileSystemObject?

Correct answer: Server.CreateObject ("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

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