assembly language-deep into the core of the machine

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before learning the assembly language, although as a computer professional students, but the basic computer knowledge can only be said to be small white, for computer cognition is still very lack of understanding.
understanding of the production and development of assembly language, I feel that assembly language as a direct and machine-related languages, have face-to-face communication, which makes assembly language is not as much as most other programming languages are widely used in programming. In today's practical applications, it is often used on the ground floor, hardware operations and high-demand program optimization scenarios.
preliminary understanding of the basic knowledge of the assembly, understanding of the computer for the source code, instruction and data, CPU and memory of the collaboration between the contractual relationship. Understand the transfer and sharing of information within a computer.
However, not everyone learning computer students are to do the most core, the bottom of the job. Learning assembly language programming, the greater significance, is to use it as a learning computer, the goal is to understand the computer, for learning computer, can play a very unique role. Assembly language can directly hit the core of the computer system, learning the principle of assembly language program, reading, writing and running assembly language program, we can deepen the computer principles, operating system understanding, and then understand the entire computer system. By learning and using assembly language, there is a chance to drill into the most important parts of the computer, to understand the principles of various software systems, to lay the theoretical foundation of software technology, and down, to perceive, realize and understand the underlying logic functions of the machine's internal hardware. Learn assembly language programming, to program, to debug, we will in this learning process, learn the bottom-level program debugging and Error analysis method, practice such kungfu, opportunities are not many. Many courses in the university, try not to memorize, just pass the exam, so that we can learn to solve the problem in the field of knowledge, at the same time, to get deep into the core of the subject key.
assembly language, let me realize that the quest for the nature of the problem is to go deep into the core of the problem, and assembly language is the original core of the operation of the computer, mastering the language. In order to innovate on the basis of the original, so as to get a new understanding, a good understanding of the material and information of the world.

assembly language-deep into the core of the machine

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