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First, the current mobile application/app test pain points and optional solutions

The mobile Internet market entered the second half, the homogeneity of the competition is fierce, the average cost of customers increased. Screen mismatch, flashback, unresponsive, UI anomalies and other compatibility issues seriously affect the user experience, affecting user conversion rate and user stickiness. How to solve these problems?

Mode 1:android simulator or USB connection real-machine test

Cons: Unable to discover compatibility issues and performance issues caused by hardware differences such as screens.

Mode 2: Sourcing main adaptation models for compatibility testing

Disadvantages: Android Customization system, screen size and resolution and other hardware parameters, high-speed model updates, procurement and maintenance costs.

There are other drawbacks to both of these approaches:

1. Compatibility testing is strong, need to have Android development and testing experience, high learning costs

2. Manual test operation efficiency is low, repetitive labor is large, found that the problem location diagnosis difficult

3. High cost of automated test development, multi-machine automation testing also need to build a hardware and software testing platform

Ii. Key features and solutions of Huawei Mobiletest

Huawei Mobiletest offers Android APK compatibility automated traversal testing, based on automated real-computer testing, to help developers identify defects and locate problems.

ü Overwrite installation, start, login, Traverse, uninstall 5 steps

ü Diagnose up to 11 types of Android app compatibility issues

ü Test Step screenshot, click on the problem to quickly navigate to the step screen

ÜCPU and memory usage, battery temperature change curve

ü Performance details available in 3 categories 16 Items 4 rating of performance ratings

Ülogcat Log rating Display, one-click Download log

Ü2 quickly submit test tasks

ü The fastest 6 minutes (including task queue time) output test report

ü Overview report At a glance, detailed report details

ü Download detailed Excel format test report in one click

ü Card graphical Management test task

ü A variety of models to provide public testing, continue to add new models

Third, Huawei Mobiletest usage introduction and related features

1. Create a mobile Compatibility test task

A. Browse the test project description: Traverse test, performance acquisition

B. Choose android App: Upload locally by default, or reuse an app you've uploaded or choose to build from the release repository apk

C. Select phone: According to the brand, the Android version filter model, a task can choose multiple models

D. submit a test task

"Related features" card Management test tasks

N Quick preview of Test status and test results

n New, query, delete test tasks

"Related features" a variety of public testing models, continue to add new models

2. Managing the Mobile Compatibility test task

A. Search query test task

B. Viewing test progress based on task icon status

C. Viewing the overall pass rate and distribution

D. Deleting a test task (only task creator and item management roles can be deleted)

3. View the Mobile Compatibility Test task report

A. View apk profile, test pass rate, and problem distribution

B. Viewing the distribution of test results: View the test results for class 11 problems by status and model

C. View test details for a model

D. View test results by brand, system, and resolution statistics

E. Browsing the same AKP-related tests

F. One-click Download Excel format Test report

"Related Features" diagnostic 11 class Android app compatibility issues

N Installation failed: Application not properly installed due to platform compatibility issues

N Start failure: No response after startup, no access to application home page

N app crash: "app stopped running" pop-up appears during run

N Flash: An operation during operation causes an abnormal exit to the desktop

N No response: "App unresponsive" pop-up appears during run

N Run Error: An operation during operation produced a result that did not meet the expected results, either the application interface or the background logic did not meet the expected

Nui Exception: page control is not fully displayed

n Black and White edge: the page has non-design black edge, white edge

N Account exception: The correct account cannot log in

n cannot be rolled back: The app cannot exit the page after it has entered a page and cannot exit the app (only strong Kill app)

N Unload failed: app cannot unload or uninstall residue

"Related features" detailed test report content, one-click Download

N Pass rate: Test model pass Rate

N Problem Distribution statistics: 11 Types of problem distribution statistics

n Distribution of test results: Display of test results for each model, brand, system, resolution three dimensions statistical pass rate

N Related tests: Related test tasks for the same application

N Report Download: Excel format report with test results and charts included

4. View the Mobile Compatibility Test task report details

A. Review the test-found issues and click the Navigate to Problem step

B. Review the test steps, click and enter actions using red box highlighting

C. View performance curve: Tick shows CPU usage, memory usage, battery temperature

D. View performance ratings for resource consumption, application design, response rate

E. View Logcat logs, error, Warning, Info, Debug category filter log

F. One-click Download Logcat log

"Related Features"

N Problem tip: Prompt to detect problems found, click to navigate to steps

N Test screenshot: Record main operation steps screenshot, problem step Red highlight highlight

N Performance Details: Resource consumption, application design, Response rate 3 class 16, 4 performance classes

N Performance curve: Record CPU usage, memory usage, battery temperature change curve with time

Nlogcat log: Record Logcat log, according to error, Warning, Info, Debug rating display, support one-click Download log

Iv. free public test entrance


Currently open is North China, register and login to the console, you need to choose north China Area

When you select it, you'll see it in the left navigation bar

Assessment: Huawei's latest mobile application/app test Tool mobiletest

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