Assignment four: Pair programming Project--arithmetic

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This is Wang Jue's blog, the program code and the link in the URL above

1. Panel members:

Wang Nequan 130201113 Song Yuhui 130201112

Cooperation Group

Wang Jue 130201128 Dulya 130201204

Song Yuhui-Advantages: willing to learn, patient good.

Cons: Poor foundation, slow to get started.

Dulya-Advantages: Learn faster, practical operation is good.

Disadvantage: The foundation is relatively poor.

Wang Jue-Advantages: Good foundation, fast typing, enthusiastic to help classmates, the understanding of the program is more in-depth.


2. Main functions

Realize the random appearance of numbers and symbols, the number of questions themselves, can be given a range of values, the choice of symbols in the title, the problem is not repeated.

3. Responsible work

In the process of completion of this project, I realized the importance of a team work, this project we by four people, each of the different division of labor, because of the clear division of labor, our project completed quickly. I am responsible for reviewing some information and books, to help Wang Jue complete the code, Wang Jue of course, is the code of law writing , Dulya Division of Labor is responsible for the final code debugging, check those features have not been implemented, there are interface production, so that the interface made more beautiful, While Song Yuhui is responsible for the design of this project, design the main function of the layout of the interface, it can be said that Song Yuhui is the first step of the project, so that I can better to complete the project.

4. Process Photos

5. Summary of the Experience

The production of this project, as I completed the sixth project, and then each project is completed after the completion of the different, perhaps because in each team responsible for the different parts of it. In the process of making this project, I am responsible for the related information query, as well as auxiliary Wang Jue writing code. Because my base is very poor, so in addition to looking at some online similar projects or access to information time, I am working with Wang Jue to write a program, although I only completed a small part, but also got a lot of exercise, and do not know where I will ask him, and he is very patient to answer for me, In the course of his explanation, he will also join his understanding of the code, mostly easy to understand, in the help of Wang Jue, I can also complete some statements, I am grateful to Wang Jue, but also thank the teacher to give us this opportunity to improve themselves.

Assignment four: Pair programming Project--arithmetic

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