Assignment nine: A summary of the software engineering course

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Through a semester of study, I learned a lot of knowledge, software engineering is not as I began to imagine, is a technical ability to improve the subject, but like the social science class in primary school, taught us mostly methods and rules. We are able to get into society and work more quickly when we have only the expertise, and we can be more comfortable in the face of projects and teamwork. I think this course teaches me how to make better use of what I have learned, to complete projects faster, to win my competitors, and to stand out in the competitive market.

At the beginning of the question raised after a semester of study, I also got the answer.

One: The conception method of software design

Start with a preliminary design and focus on how to transform your requirements into data and software frameworks. The second step is the detailed design, the framework of the gradual refinement into concrete data structure and software expression of the algorithm. The design should pay attention to the hierarchy of software, the second should be modular, easy to separate, each module to show the Independent function

Second, for a professional team, in the design and construction of the time to draw on the results of others are necessary?

Whether it is a team or a person, it is necessary to draw on the results of others, just learn from the yardstick to grasp the good, otherwise it is plagiarism. In the information age today, the cottage in our eyes have been used to, a good idea is often with the plagiarism and follow the trend, which is exactly how valuable ideas and methods are good. In the completion of the project, draw on the results of others can often avoid detours, can be more effective to complete a project. But can not be too much reference, completely scripted, a good project is often set hundreds of family, and then add their own ideas and features, to become a good project.

Third, how to correctly play a team's greatest potential

I think this question is the main question of this course, from the fourth chapter of the two-person cooperation to the back of the team cooperation, agile process is actually talking about this problem, we learn to master the technology, the rest is the need to master the process, how to better faster and more efficient team cooperation, to achieve the goal is the center of this course. To play the greatest potential of the team, we must grasp the correct process, reasonable division of labor and supervision, often exchanges, like our standing meeting, through the exchange of everyone's work to show out, in order to maximize the team's potential to avoid strokes.

Through the study of this course, my experience is still many, this book from personal growth to teamwork, agile processes, and then to the production of the project, demand analysis, design implementation, user experience, and even personal moral everything, can be called the computer professional students of the WTO. This book prefers to teach us rules and methods relative to professional skills. So-called 工欲善其事, its prerequisite, mastered the method to play their own team's potential, and in the team, fully understand the strengths of each person, the rational distribution of work, play the strengths, full communication, perhaps this is the quality of our program people need to have. I believe in the future work, this course taught me the knowledge will be useful. Even if not in the computer field, as long as still in the community, these are just still help me, played an indelible role.

Through this course, I better grasp the team cooperation to complete the project skills, I think since is the Church people team cooperation courses, then even more open up some also do not harm it, let each team to explore experience, run-in harmony, complete the project, have this experience, I believe that in the community will not be unfamiliar with the studio, Pro adapt to the working environment.

Assignment nine: A summary of the software engineering course

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