Assume fs:nothing

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Because the MASM compiler defaults to defining FS as error, it is necessary to use the FS register in the program
Assume fs:nothing to declare, otherwise it will be an error.

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Q:What does it mean that the segment name field in the assume pseudo-directive can be nothing?

Assume segment Register Name: segment name [, Segment register Name: segment name, ....]

The China in the assume pseudo-directive can also be a special keyword nothing, which indicates that a segment register is no longer associated with any segment

The corresponding relationship.

I do not understand this, because you do not have to assume instructions, it would have "no relationship with any paragraph" ah. Do not know where to understand

Wrong, could you please give me an example to illustrate, thank you


You can understand this, assuming you first use the assume Cs:code, set up the CS and code segment contact, now you want to let CS and other paragraphs to generate contact, you can use assume cs:nothing, to cancel the CS and code segment contact.
In addition, if you do not specify a segment name and use assume nothing directly, the relationship setting for all previous segments is canceled.
Hope to be of help to you, thank you.


Assume fs:nothing

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