Asus eeepc: No optical drive reinstalls the system (using a USB flash drive as the boot disk of the computer)

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Recently, I want to help my friend reinstall the system. Because her notebook does not have an optical drive with Asus eeepc, it cannot be started from the optical drive when reinstalling xp. It can only be started from the USB flash drive.





I. Create a USB flash drive

Download a Windows PE image (that is, an ISO, and this Windows PE should bring its own virtual optical drive software, which will be used later), you can create a boot USB flash drive.


The specific process is as follows:

1. Insert a mobile USB flash drive (note that this USB flash drive will be formatted when it is made into a boot disk.All data will be lost. Therefore, if you have a USB flash drive with important data, ask the producer to back up the data first .)

2. Run ultraiso;

3. Use ultraiso to open the image ISO file of Windows PE;

4. Select "Boot à write hard disk image..." from the menu ..."

5. Follow the prompts to write the data into the mobile USB flash drive.



Ii. Installing a system from a USB flash drive

1. To create a boot USB flash drive with winpe, you must have a virtual optical drive (this part can be searched online)

2. Prepare a deep XP installation image (ISO file, which can be listed below in many places online, I give a current latest URL:

3. Insert a USB flash drive

4. restart the system

5. Enter the system BIOS interface, set the system Boot Mode to USB-HDD + (set BIOS this part of content online there are a lot, search it yourself)

I have installed Asus eeepc. follow these steps:

Press F2 at boot to enter the BIOS settings interface, select the boot menu, select hard disk drivers, change 1st drive from the default SM-SILICONMOTION to your USB or SD device name, most of the time it should be the name of the USB2.0 cardreader device. After modification, press F10 and select OK to exit.
Make a USB flash drive or SD card boot.

6. Restart and the system automatically enters winpe.

7. Copy the deep XP installation image (an ISO file) to the local hard disk.

8. Run the virtual optical drive and load the deep xp iso file on the local hard disk.

9. then install ghost XP

10. Restart and enter bios again.
Drivers is changed to the first boot item in the default SM-SILICONMOTION. Press F10 to save and the system restarts automatically. (This step is to run the installation program on the hard disk instead of starting from the USB flash drive to winpe again)



(Note: This method is used to reinstall the eeepc netbook on Asus.

Previously, I tried to directly write an ISO image of Windows XP in a USB flash drive and reinstall it. However, in step 1 above, that is, when the system is about to enter the XP installation, "autoint error: the variable is not declared" will appear ". This error occurs when you install xp in the eeepc netbook. This error was not reported when I installed it on a Dell desktop. It may be caused by a computer brand or a different netbook from a desktop .)




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