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As a veteran of the PC industry, ASUS has always been accurate in its grasp of the market and seems to have a natural sense of smell. In addition to the reputation outside the high-end market in the ROG player country, Asus's Flying Fortress series is undoubtedly more grounded some, this from a few big electric business game book sales list can be seen, three a must occupy a seat. To say that the most recently sold the best, not FX60VM, because GTX 1060 unique temptation is too large, so many players have not received the year-end award, has already put the money in advance. Of course, there is a picture of the truth, is not really strong, after the test we come to a conclusion.

Appearance: Re-opening the mold to take the prudent route

In the current era of looking at the face, the first impression of the game is very important. Asus Flying Fortress FX60VM should be re-opened the mold, shape more like armor God Shield, through two lines of change, bring tough visual effects. Stable Black is still the main color, a surface material from plastic to metal, the surface after wire processing, not only the texture upgrade, durability also dumped a few of the lower end of the street.

Even on the back of the fuselage, there are special Mayan patterns. It is clear that Asus is trying to inject a culture into the entire series of flying Fortresses.

In addition to the video card is very concerned about the screen, I am afraid to be able to line up to the second. Asus Flying Fort FX60VM is equipped with a 15.6-inch matte screen with a resolution of 1920x1080 Full HD level, which is also the mainstream of the current market, whether it is playing games or watching high-definition video can be satisfied. Although the official did not have more description of the screen, but from the color and contrast, the display effect can be guaranteed, especially in the game, the dark details appear in front of the eye.

ASUS flying Fort FX60VM's C side is also through the drawing process, but the metal into a composite material, winter use will not have a cold feeling. Do not know if you have noticed that on both sides of the touchpad have a small hole, yes, is the speaker, position from the side to the front, the intention is obvious, is to enhance the effect of three-dimensional siege. From the measured results, the volume is big enough, the direction of the sound is very obvious, gamers like this.

The screen is a camera, 720P resolution to deal with video calls that is more than enough, next to the status indicator someone feel superfluous, in fact, it is really necessary, do not you know that someone will secretly candid camera? The left and right sides are stereo microphones.

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