At the interview, when you have the right to ask questions, it's a good chance to reverse (excerpt from the Java Web Lightweight Development Interview tutorial)

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Some days ago, I wrote an article in the blog Park, how to introduce my project experience in the interview, Harvest more than 2000 clicks, which undoubtedly inspired me to continue to share the enthusiasm, today I come to share another interview can even help everyone to reverse the skills, this article is from the Java Web Lightweight Development Interview tutorial from the excerpt.

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1 Background of the problem

When I was doing a technical interview, when I finished asking all the technical questions, I usually said, "I have no problem here, what's your problem?" At this point, go to the "role conversion" stage, you ask us a answer.

We meet a lot of people directly say no problem, and then the interview is over. But also met a lot of people, through this stage let us change the view of him, learn more points, or simply reverse the results of the interview directly.

2 by asking questions, you can further demonstrate your match with the position

You can ask, if I successfully apply, which project team will I enter? What technologies are needed in this project group?

When the interviewer tells you, you can say that XX technology is something I used before, and then talk about the details of the technology used in the previous project.

Or the interviewer said the project you have had similar experience before, you can also say your experience.

If the interviewer hears a similar experience and confirms that the discovery is true, it will add a "previous similar project" comment, which can play a icing on the cake and help the candidate to get more pay.

Once we hired an insurance project, a candidate might be nervous at first, answer the question very simple, we have written "technology generally, is usable, please follow the manager's discretion", but at this stage, perhaps because he spoke of his more familiar aspects, and thus relatively smooth, And the knowledge point is also more comprehensive, we immediately revised the comment as "technology can, have similar experience" such words.

The suggestion here is that you should know about the company's project before the interview, find a way to set up, you can modify your previous project experience, so that it will be done with the company's future projects have a certain degree of similarity, so that the effect is better.

3 by asking questions, say the highlights that you haven't been asked.

Here is not recommended to say directly, "I actually master the XX technology, but you did not ask", because some direct, at this time you can still ask the project situation.

For example, can you ask if this project is using the Spring MVC framework? When you get a positive answer, you can say, "I used to build the framework with the help of the project manager and have the experience of XX".

Or, do you have a demand point in your XX project that involves database tuning? I used to have similar experience and then say some. The suggestion here is that you prepare some bright spots before the interview, there is certainty is that you are very familiar with the details, and can be combined with the actual project to illustrate, think good entry point, and then you can find the opportunity to say in the interview.

The suggestion here is that you should know about the company's project before the interview, find a way to set up, you can modify your previous project experience, so that it will be done with the company's future projects have a certain degree of similarity, so that the effect is better.

4 can show some non-technical features

In addition to the technology, you can also ask, your company more overtime? Who is the customer? For non-technical issues such as project tightening, you ask these questions for two purposes:

① show himself hard-working, good at communication, good at dealing with more serious customers, if you go to the outsourcing company interview, this ability is very important.

② look at this company is not sweatshops, will be night and night clock, whether pressure is too big, if this is the case, you need to look at the discretion.

In addition, once you feel that your interview may not be possible, then you can also at the question stage to say the following to mend the words.

5 Candid Relative, explain your good point, let the interviewer give a chance

We have met individual candidates, and he knows a little bit about technology, not knowing anything and being available. For example, the project is to Spring MVC, which he only has learning experience, no commercial project experience, but his Java core and database is very good, he just say, Spring MVC does not work, but highlight his strengths, such as an example of his ability to learn, or can endure hardship, Good communication skills, and then express a strong desire to enter the job, we will generally give a "technology can (or technology can barely), to participate in the subsequent interview" comment.

When you are in the interview, you can estimate the answer to the question. If it is too bad, it belongs to the Ask Sanbuzhi, even if it is useless to say such words. But if you feel the answer is not useless, then you can find the opportunity to say such a thing. In the table below, a number of remedial measures are listed.

Remediation factors

Evidence that can be listed

Although there is no XX project experience, but in peacetime study, self-written code

I have read the book of XX, I know this technology, or know the same kind of technology, at the same time to say the understanding of this technology

Strong learning ability, strong desire to learn new technology

I was not familiar with the graduation design to use the technology, but I used a very short time to master, or before in the company I belong to what do not understand, but I would like to ask, with XX time to know

Or, the recent more popular XX technology, although not in my project, but I have already learned, and then talk about the learning situation

Willing to endure hardship, can work overtime, can travel, can adapt to the environment under great pressure

List previous company overtime, some stressful situation

Very good at communicating with others, in the project encountered unfamiliar, Ken asked others

In the previous company, encountered problems I will not backlog, there is a need for the problem to find XXX, technically do not understand will find XX, encountered a bug can find test

Learn about the company's project background, and then say that you know the knowledge

For example, XX company do cloud computing, you even have no project experience, not even write code experience, but you can say, understand this knowledge, know the development process, know the starting point

That means you're doing a little bit of research on a technology in Java.

For example, understanding the memory management of Java, it means that you look at the document or look at the underlying code of your own research, then the interviewer think that even if you do not have the skills he needs, but have their own set of research methods, willing to study, will be appropriate to consider

Show your sense of responsibility, stability is strong, Ken in a position to delve down

I'll figure this out.

6 Showcase your previous highlights and let the interviewer trust your potential and abilities

If your actual work experience is less than 3 years, then the interviewer will not be too demanding on you, but more concerned about your learning ability, work responsibility, under pressure. Responsibility and stability these, the remedial measures just mentioned you must have the evidence to explain, remember to use the fact speech, after all word ....

Here are some of the people we hear in the interview process to say some of the highlights, we can extrapolate, flexible grasp.

① "I don't know much about the spring MVC technology You're talking about (in fact, he's going to develop it on the basis of the project manager's framework, and know a little, if not at all, that's useless), but I've learned about the MVC framework and the projects I've done before are jsp+servlet+ JDBC implemented, and also used the struts framework alone, so I quickly get started. " (so we'll properly ask him about the MVC process in Jsp+servlet+jdbc, and if he can say it, we'll write "Learn basic ssh, understand the MVC framework and know how MVC is developed." But if he does not specify, perhaps we will write, "only on the basis of the project manager to build a good understanding of SSH, do not understand the framework details." "So even if he passes the technical interview, the successor project manager will not have much affection for him to see the comments."

② "Recent project I was in the foreground, useless to SSH, but a year ago used (so the answer is a bit dangerous, it is best to use this technology or related similar technology six months ago, but then again, even if you do not use SSH recently, but on the resume said used, as long as you can answer the basic questions, The interviewer can't verify it, but I know a lot about the SSH framework, and I knew that the underlying implementation of MVC in spring was that there was a certain flaw in the MVC of struts and that I built SSH in a commercial project so I could get started quickly. " (So we'll wise the bottom-level details of the ssh he mentioned, and if he does have a good understanding of the underlying details, then we'll write "no ssh in the last year, but have some knowledge of SSH bottom-up and built SSH in a commercial project.") Otherwise, we will only write "Recent SSH,SSH experience is limited to a year ago", you can compare the difference between two reviews.

③ (Recruiting for an insurance project) "I don't have much experience with spring MVC, so there are some unanswered questions, mostly developed using the JSP+SERVLET+JDBC model (this is truth, but if he's prepared before the interview, it shouldn't be said), But I have done insurance-related projects, the customer is XX, to achieve the insurance project in the XX process, and I know some background business. (So we'll give the decision to the two-side manager, otherwise we'll just write "Don't know spring MVC, can't get through the Interview").

④ "I know the framework technology generally (indeed, according to the answer to the question we can feel that he has not built a framework, can only be built in the framework of passive development), but I know how to make my code more efficient, I read the document and the underlying code, I know the details of Java memory management, Know the implementation details of multithreading, know the method of SQL tuning, understand some design patterns, ideas are interlinked, so I can quickly get started, and can quickly understand the bottom of ssh ". (So we will confirm what he said, whether we really understand these add-ons, if so, because these bright spots than the code itself is more important, we will even cover up the fact that he ssh, will write in the comments "know SQL tuning, Java code Tuning some methods, learning ability and learning consciousness is relatively strong, Individual's comprehensive ability to ").

⑤ "I know the Java technology generally, (indeed, will only use grammar, can not digest), this is because I have a lot of pressure in the last project, need to communicate directly with customers, direct understanding of the needs, their own development, their own testing, finally hit a jar package to the customer, so I feel my comprehensive ability is very strong." (So we will ask some details about this, such as how to hit the jar, how to do the test, if it can be said, we will write in the comments "Java capabilities generally, but know the entire development process, can independently complete a module of the task." Otherwise we will only write "Java ability is very general, do not know some in-depth knowledge point").

⑥ "Although I do not have the experience of the Business Project (is a fresh graduate, the curriculum vitae of the project was asked to be a graduate design or curriculum design project, but if he directly write these techniques in the outside of the company to do, we can not verify), but I self-learning ability than strong, I learned the time to go a lot of detours, This also gives me a good understanding of the underlying implementation of JDBC, and I know some of the recent hot technologies, so some of your company's technology I can quickly get started. " (So we will write in the comments, "there is no business experience, but learning ability is very strong, please follow the interviewer's discretion," This is better than "No business experience, not recommended through the Interview" review)

7 Write down all the questions and meet the next interview

When you feel that your chances of successfully applying for this position are slim, you need to do the following things.

① Record all the technical interview questions, go home and check the information for the next time to prepare for the same problem.

② extrapolate, go home to learn quickly, preferably through hands-on practice, through the running code to understand the relevant knowledge points.

③ find out why, for example, the job requires project experience, the project experience you describe is ultimately considered a non-commercial project, then you need to update the project description, the next interview, you have to change the rhetoric, to find ways to prove that your project is indeed a business project.

If it's because you haven't answered a specific technology, be sure to find a real project and see how these technologies are implemented in the project.

Even if some work experience more than 5 years of senior, in the beginning to change the job of several interview companies, may not be able to answer good, because he even did a lot of preparation, do not know what the interview will ask, so before the interview you have to do "unsuccessful" preparation, become the best, once not, accumulate experience, next time maybe you become.

At the interview, when you have the right to ask questions, it's a good chance to reverse (excerpt from the Java Web Lightweight Development Interview tutorial)

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