AtherosAR9285: only 54 Mbit/s/65 Mbit/s at Mbit/s.

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AtherosAR9285: only 54 Mbit/s/65 Mbit/s at Mbit/s.

At first glance, this network card is very difficult to understand.

There are only a few golden fingers. If you say there are fewer golden fingers, you can't open the m speed working mode.

Baidu has not been successful for a long time. In addition, Google has also been smoking in recent days.

After crawling, I found a post: (my reference source)


Windows 7 users can try this method. I failed to run it in Windows 8.1.

Next, let's talk about how to perform this operation.

------------------------------------------------- Windows7 segment -------------------------------------------------

The tools mentioned in the above post are:

Http://,04. | Network tool |, Atheros_EEPRom_Tool.rar 31KB

This is the AET. Follow the changes in the post to see if there is any effect (use with caution)

All accidents that occur in this method (for example, destroying a wireless network card) have nothing to do with me. Because the information comes from the network --

Do not worry about the operation of this solution look at Win8, universal Win7.

------------------------------------------------- Windows7 segment -------------------------------------------------

--------------------------------------------- Windows8/8.1 segment -----------------------------------------------

In fact, this method can also be used by users in Windows 7. It is a more reliable method. Principle: Change the driver.

Some may say that it cannot be solved because it has changed countless drivers. I don't believe it. Let's give it a picture first:

What version of the driver does it need? Laptop official website? Official website of Atheros? Driver genie/driver life? <喎?http: kf ware vc " target="_blank" class="keylink"> VcD4KPHA + encrypt/decrypt + vt/M5bLZ1/eyvdboo7o8L3A + encrypt + decrypt/srHt/G5tNGhwcu9 + encrypt/decrypt + M6GitPK/decrypt + jTsrz + merge + encrypt/decrypt + PC9wPgo8cD48aW1nIHNyYz0 = "" alt = "\">

Scan for changes once after deletion

4. If the wireless NIC Driver is automatically installed, delete it several times in step 1 (this is because you have updated the driver multiple times)

5. Open the control panel, go to Windows Update (Windows Update in Win7), and check for updates.

6. Wait for the check result, click the result, find the Wireless Driver, select it, and install it. (The error is reported by Baidu, Which is troublesome)

7. If no check is found, it may be because ① your wireless network adapter is not AR9258; ② you have not uninstalled it clean;

③ If you are prompted to restart the driver to take effect, you have not restarted; ④ I do not know

8. The Wi-Fi connection has been updated. The current speed should be Mbps.

Finally, we provide a method for testing only. I backed up my driver. You can try it.

Only Windows 8/8. 1 64-bit is supported. Windows 7 64-bit is not tested)

: Http://,05. "| floating cloud file |, Windows.8 | 8.1,

Atheros_ar9285_wireless_driver_supp150150mbps.rar 926KB

--------------------------------------------- Windows8/8.1 segment -----------------------------------------------

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