Atitit. Best practices for improving compatibility o9o

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Atitit. best practices for improving compatibility O9o.doc

1. Atitit. " One plus three " policy for compatibility 1

2. Extended Table Mode 1

3. Simultaneous operation mode 1

3.1. Perfect for back compatibility 2

3.2. Virtual Machine Mode 2

1. Atitit.compatibility of“One plus three"Strategy

"By removing stale code to reduce compiler maintenance costs, JAVA9 Javac will no longer support Java 1.5 and earlier code. JDK9 's "One plus three" strategy means that this version of JAVAC will support options in 1.9/9, 1.8/8, 1.7/7, and 1.6/6. This policy will continue in JDK10. ”

The headline is my interpretation of the news. Here's what I understand.
This means that many of the original designs of Java are not reasonable to be modified.
will bring many source-code-level incompatibilities.
Some expressions, which may be false in early compilation, may become true later.
For example, string = =
Also means integer i = new Integer (0), Integer j = new Integer (0);
I==j may also be true later on.

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2. Extended Table Mode 3. Simultaneous run mode

Web surfing, the most users of course is the browser, while windows The built-in ie The browser really makes users uncomfortable, so call, Many dual-core browsers in the country are very much in the way. This   No, Microsoft also feel embarrassed, in windows 10 -spartan CORTANA  digital assistant's new browser has a desktop and mobile two versions, and a deep fusion of   BING  Search service to make the user's search experience more seamless.  

It will integrate OneNote features to make it easy for users to record, annotate and share, support PDF file display, as well as read mode and so on, with the message that it will support Chrome Extension Program. new browser development Code " Sparta ".  

However, the news shows that the old and new browsers will co-exist initially, on the one hand, to avoid the sudden switch caused by the compatibility problem, on the other hand can give users more flexible choice, until Microsoft determined that the new browser enough to replace IE, will be completely converted to the past.

3.1. Perfect for back compatibility 3.2. Virtual machine mode

Atitit. Best practices for improving compatibility o9o

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