Atitit.js Global exception capture in a browser environment

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Atitit.js Global exception capture in a browser environment

Window.onerror = function (errormessage, Scripturi, linenumber) {

var s= json.stringify (arguments); alert (s);

Alert (errormessage





Different browsers have different implementations of onerror, and different parameters are defined for phones and PCs . The number of parameters. So it 's better to use json .


for Try-catch not covered, if an exception occurs, you can only pass Window.onerror to capture it.

Window.onerror =
function (errormessage, Scripturi, linenumber) {
ReportError ({

Be careful not to be clever with Window.addeventlistener or window.attachevent the form to monitor Window.onerror . Many browsers only implement the Window.onerror , or is only Window.onerror the implementation is standard. Considering that the definition of the draft standard is also Window.onerror , we use Window.onerror just fine.

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Suppose we have a ReportError function is used to collect caught exceptions and then send them to server-side storage for query analysis, what information do we want to collect? More useful information includes: Error type ( name), error message (message), the script file address (Script), line number ( Line), column number (column), stack trace (Stack ). If an exception is passed Try-catch captured, this information is Error Object (supported by the mainstream browser), so ReportError This information can also be collected. But if it is through Window.onerror captured, we all know that this event function has only 3 parameters, so the unexpected information of these 3 parameters is lost.

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Atitit.js Global exception capture in a browser environment

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