Atitit.php Popular frame of the first three: Laravel, Phalcon, Symfony2 attilax Summary

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atitit.php Popular Frame of the first three:Laravel,Phalcon,Symfony2 attilax Summary

1. The most popular PHP Framework for the first three is:Laravel,Phalcon,Symfony2.


1.1.2.Laravel 2

1.2.3.phalcon 2

1.3. Symfony 2

2. Domestic frameworks used frequently 3

3. Baidu Search Results Compare 3

4. References 3

1. The most popularPHPThe top three frames are:Laravel,Phalcon,Symfony2.

SitePoint Site do a little research and see which PHP framework the PHP developers prefer to use. Survey results show that the most popular PHP framework for the first three: Laravel, Phalcon, Symfony2.

1. Laravel--Master PHP Development Framework


The author of this framework development, in the creation of the Laravel project, with fuelphp have some common purpose, because they are suffering from some classic development framework is not fully use PHP5.3 features, at the same time a lot of excellent development framework suffers from lack of documentation, so Laravel was born. Laravel in development, developers are heavily on the side of community and document building. So as a PHP developer, Laravel is also a good choice for the next few days.

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The development framework that is more powerful, its main direction is "performance", because Phalcon completely adopt the C language, in the form of PHP extension development, so in the same PHP framework for comparison, Phalcon performance is the strongest, of course, phalcon free and flexible plus rich documentation, is also a cause for concern, of course, the site also through the "How to look at C language development PHP framework", elaborated on our C PHP framework of some ideas

1.3. Symfony

Symfony, high performance PHP Framework for WEB development

Symfony is a set of reusable PHP components ... The standard Foundation on which, the best PHP applications is built. Choose any of the stand-... Snapshot-rating-Translate this page

Symfony_ Baidu Encyclopedia

Symfony is an object-oriented PHP5 framework based on the MVC pattern. Symfony agrees to separate transaction control, service logic, and presentation layer in a Web application.

The simple template feature Symfony is an open source PHP web framework. Based on best web development practices. Many sites have been developed using this framework, and the purpose of symfony is to accelerate the creation and maintenance of Web applications.

At the same time, it also includes very many tools and classes to shrink ...

2. Domestic regular use of the framework



Access to information through the Internet. I understand that the following frameworks are often mentioned:

·  thinkphp: A native PHP framework. It just feels like a lot of people are not very good at it.

·  CodeIgniter: Some say it's very weak. Design ideas are relatively old.

3. Baidu Search Results Compare


Baidu for you to find the relevant results of about 100,000


Baidu for you to find the relevant results of about 681,000

Symfony Symfony2

Baidu for you to find the relevant results of about 65,900

4. References

PHP Development Framework Popularity ranking: Laravel

PHP Development Framework popularity ranking:Laravel top

Atitit.php Popular frame of the first three: Laravel, Phalcon, Symfony2 attilax Summary

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