AttributeHierarchyEnabled Properties in Visual Studiobi

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The value of the AttributeHierarchyEnabled property determines whether the attribute hierarchy is created. If this property is set to False, the attribute hierarchy is not created, and the property cannot be used as a level in the user hierarchy, and the attribute hierarchy exists only as a member property. However, the disabled attribute hierarchy can still be used to sort the members of another property. If you set the value of the AttributeHierarchyEnabled property to True, the attributehierarchyvisible The value of the property determines whether the attribute hierarchy is visible (regardless of whether it is used in a user-defined hierarchy)

When you enable an attribute hierarchy, you may need to specify the values of the following three other properties:

    • IsAggregatable

      By default, a (all) level is defined for all attribute hierarchies. To disable the (all) level of an enabled attribute hierarchy, set the value of this property to False.


      The attribute set to False for the IsAggregatable property can only be used to define the root of the hierarchy, and the default member should be specified (otherwise the analysis Services engine will lead you to select the default member).

    • Attributehierarchyordered

      By default, analysis Services sorts the members of an enabled attribute hierarchy during processing, and then stores the members by the value of the By property (for example, by name or by key). If you do not care about sorting, you can improve processing performance by setting the value of the property to False.

    • Attributehierarchyoptimizedstate

      By default, analysis Services creates an index for each enabled attribute hierarchy during processing to improve query performance. If you do not intend to use the attribute hierarchy for browsing, you can improve processing performance by setting the value of the property to notoptimized. However, if you use a hidden hierarchy as the key attribute of a dimension, you can still improve performance by creating an index of the attribute members.

If the attribute hierarchy is disabled, these properties are not applied.

In tasks within this topic, social Security numbers and other attributes in the employee dimension that are not used for browsing are disabled. Then, the customer name and the postal code attribute hierarchy in the Customer dimension is hidden. The large number of attribute members in the hierarchy makes browsing to these hierarchies very slow, regardless of the user hierarchy.

AttributeHierarchyEnabled Properties in Visual Studiobi

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