ATX motherboard size, Micro ATX, MINI-ATX motherboard size

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ATX Motherboard Size (x9.6 ', 305x244mm)

MINI-ATX motherboard size (11.2 ' x8.2 ', 284x208mm)

microATX motherboard size (9.6 ' x9.6 ', 244x244mm)

But there are some 24.cmx18.8cm around.

Babyat structure Standard first performance in the motherboard transverse width is too narrow (generally 22cm), making direct from the motherboard interface is too small. Greatly restricting the number of external interfaces, which for the more powerful function, external interface more and more computers, is unable to overcome the shortcomings. Second, the location of the CPU and i/0 slots on the Babyat motherboard is not properly arranged. Early CPU due to low performance, small power dissipation, the requirements are not high. Today's CPU performance is high, power consumption, in order to make it work stably, must have a good heat dissipation device, add heat sink or fan, thus greatly increased the height of the CPU. In the at structure standard, the CPU is located under the expansion slot, so that many full-length expansion cards cannot be plugged in or plugged in and hinder the CPU fan operation. The location of the memory is also unreasonable. The early computer memory size is fixed and there is no special requirement for the installation location. Babyat Motherboard in the structure according to the habit of the memory slot placed under the chassis power supply, install, replace the memory is often to remove the power or motherboard, very inconvenient. The thermal condition of the memory strip is not good. In addition, because of the soft disk controller and the soft disk bracket does not have a specific location, which caused the soft disk cable too long, increased the confusion of the internal connection of the computer, reducing the computer's medium-to-sex. Even because the hard disk cable is too long, so that many high-speed hard drive speed affected. The ATX Motherboard has made the following improvements for the shortcomings of the AT and Babyat motherboards:

The motherboard shape is rotated 90 degrees on the basis of the Babyat, and its geometrical dimensions are changed to 30.5cmx24.4cm.

With 7 I/O slots, the CPU and I/O slots and memory slot locations are more reasonable.

Optimized the soft-drive interface location.

Improves motherboard compatibility and scalability.

The use of enhanced power management, the real realization of the computer software on/shutdown and green energy-saving functions.

The MICROATX maintains the peripheral interface location on the ATX standard motherboard backplane and is compatible with the ATX.

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