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Based on WEBRTC technology, you can achieve point-to-point audio and video, instant messaging, video conferencing, and the latest system components include:

Teleice NAT Traversal server:

Standard-based NAT traversal protocol ICE for NAT traversal, audio-video-to-peer transmission

Single machine supports tens of thousands of concurrent

TELEMCU Video Conferencing Server:

Implementing WEBRTC video Conferencing Server capabilities

The same conference can be connected to SIP video client,

WEBRTC client, PSTN line.

Teleswitch WEBRTC Gateway Server:

Responsible for client management work,

Support for Point-to-point calls between WEBRTC clients,

Supports WEBRTC client interoperability with SIP protocol-based clients,

Enables WEBRTC clients to interoperate with PSTN lines,

Provide solutions based on the above system, interested to be contacted.

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