[Audio and Video Media Production] [tutorial] Using tmpgenc to implement VCD for rm and rmvb files

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Software required:
1. tmpgenc plu 2.53/2.54 (commonly known as: Japan)
2. HappyShow V4.11 (or K-Lite Mega Codec Pack V1.40)
I personally think K-Lite Mega Codec Pack is better. Unfortunately, the K-Lite Mega Codec Pack is available in English,
So I found HappyShow V4.11 again, and the two software looks almost the same. I don't know if HappyShow is a K-Lite Mega Codec Pack Chinese character)
3. nero

Specific Method:
1. Install the HappyShow V4.11 player first. Be sure to install it all! The key is those plug-ins of HappyShow V4.11, but this player is still very useful (tmpgenc plu cannot directly support rm, rmvb format, the purpose of installing HappyShow V4.11 is to use some of its plug-ins to make tmpgenc plu support rm and rmvb)

2. Install tmpgenc plu 2.53/2.54 to convert the file format,
(There is a tutorial online. I have also copied one in the appendix for your reference)
1. When tmpgenc plu is selected, there is no rm or rmvb item. Select all files.
2. Emphasize that tmpgenc plu 2.53/2.54 is required,
Because only rm/rmvb files transferred from version 2.53 and version 2.54 directly have sound,
For a later version, the transferred mpg files do not have sound. In this case, you need to extract audio from rm and rmvb using streamboxripper and save it as wav Files, as the audio input source of tmpgenc plus, this naturally causes a lot of trouble,
Therefore, we recommend that you only use tmpgenc plu 2.53/2.54
(I personally use tmpgenc plu version 2.54. This version is not easy to find on the Internet. Because it is a bit old, more than 2.58 of the current versions are found,
If you want 2.54, can you download the http://www.85down.com/down.asp here? Id = 462 & no = 1
Registration Code: TE25-2P98-J4HH-2JE5-4HZV.
If you cannot find it online, you can contact me and write it in your message .)

3. Use nero to burn the mpg file to vcd (this is very easy and I will not write any more online tutorials)


1. rm, rmvb VCD all functions (http://www.iambm.com/ibbs/info/zyfdyx_8235_89606.html

Application of MPEG Compression software TMPGEnc (http://www.swcool.com/bbs/viewthread.php? Tid = 16955 & extra = page % 3D1
Writer: Daqing

TMPGEnc is a Japanese MPEG1/2 compression software. It has a free version and is recognized as one of the best software for compressing VCD ", this article gives a brief introduction to its usage.

1. open the file:

Start TMPGEnc and click "Browse" to import the video source file. It can be avi, mpg, or other types of files. Specify the output file name and path.

2. load settings:
Click the "read" button to transfer the settings to the mpeg template. Usually they are in a template directory under tmpgenc. In this example, I use the videocd (NTSC) template because my video is an AVI of NTSC. In most scenarios, there may be more pal, which requires the videocd (PAL) template. For SVCD, you only need to call the SVCD template.

3. Modify the settings:
It is best to check the settings of the touchpad. The tmpgenc comes with some problems. It is necessary to modify the settings. Otherwise, the compressed MPG is not playing on the screen or has a black edge. Click "set" and find "Image Source": "set screen display" is "full screen display ". The "motion detection accuracy" is used to adjust the image quality. In my opinion, the "standard" status is already good. If the image quality is high, the compression time is long.
It is best to save the settings so that you do not need to change it the next time you open it. Click "save" and enter your custom Template Name.

4. Start compression:
Click Start To Start compression. The original time is the current video position. During compression, you can use the sum of "used time" + "remaining time" to estimate the total time required. The number "7200" in the figure is the number of bytes of the video source. Compression ends. You can see the actual time used.

Ii. MpEG tool:
The tmpgenc menu contains an "MPEG tool" that can be used to break down an mpeg file into MPV/MPa, reverse synthesis, splicing, and other operations. Two common functions are described here.

1. Simple Synthesis:
This tool can usually convert some MPG files that seem to comply with the VCD but cannot be engraved into a standard VCD file (as the saying goes "once again"). The speed is very fast, basically the speed of copy. Also effective for SVCD, of course, do not forget to select the type "MPEG-2 super VCD ".
Daqing experience: with CCE lite 2.291 pressure MPEG-1, choose 2304 pack size, 1150 kbps, and then tmpgenc "over once" can be made VCD.

2. MpEG splicing:
"Add" The MPG file to the list. Each file can be transferred multiple times, set the output file and path, double-click the file name, and set the range of each segment. After all sections are set, click "modify", and then click "edit" to complete MPG editing. Fast! We have another MPEG splicing software. In the TMPGEnc style, the output MPG will no longer need to "repeat" it? Should audio and video be out of sync? Please give your feedback.

Iii. Advanced applications:
In the MPEG settings, there are several advanced image source adjustment settings (filters). Double-click it to open the settings. After checking, you can apply these settings. I will introduce several of them. Note: The application of some filters will significantly reduce the compression speed. Use them as appropriate.

1. Scope of the Image Source:
You can use it to compress a region from a large segment of AVI (or other video files such as MPG) as needed. Drag the slider to the desired start and end positions, and then click "set start sequence" and "set end sequence" to adjust the value to the exact position. Click "default value" to return to the original state (from the file header to the end of the file ).

2. eliminate noise:
The signal-to-noise ratio of a home camera is usually not high. In an environment with insufficient light, there is a lot of noise. This filter has a significant effect on eliminating video noise.
Adjust the Three slide to your satisfaction. This filter also weakens part of the image details.

3. Color Correction: TMPGEnc supports color correction. Open "Advanced color correction" and click "add". There is an "RGB brightness" item in the list on the left. There are several options in "category" to change the current item. You can select different methods to adjust the color, contrast, brightness, and color of the image.

4. Cut the screen:
Used to cut the four sides of the screen.
Daqing experience: When a video is played on a TV, it will be around 10% outside the screen and cannot be seen. Therefore, we need to cut the MPG around the VCD, it not only reduces the total amount of information on the image, but also increases the image quality without affecting TV watching.
Sometimes, the overall volume of the video source is not ideal. You can use this function to adjust the overall volume-zoom in or out. You can also fade out the sound of the video source (from silent to normal), to avoid the audible pause at the end of some MPG, surprise. It would be nice to process the fade in and out of the screen!

Iv. Dual CPU settings:
If you have a dual CPU, you can enjoy the high quality of TMPGEnc and its high speed. It is almost the same if the following check box is filled. The value of "read images first" can be adjusted, probably because my memory is not large enough (128 M), 16 M to 64 M, there is no difference in speed. However, 0 differs greatly from 16 m.

V. compression speed test:
Recent applications have found that TMPGEnc is no longer the one that used to work slowly. The current version (download the new version of Beta 12a from weilong homepage-yeodo Island) on my dual P3-550/128 M/BX Iwill DBD100 machine, it has reached an unprecedented high speed (overclock status): 1: 0.97 (4 minutes of AVI only 3 minutes 52 seconds ). In addition, the AVI of PVMJPEG encoding is faster than that of BW encoding.

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