Audio patch (10.9.3) [2.6.1]

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; Basic Block input regs: Rax-killed regs: <nothing>
0000000000048353 3d8419d411 CMP eax, 0x11d41984 <=
0000000000048358 7531 JNE 0x4838b

; Basic Block input regs: <nothing>-killed regs: Rax
2017100000004835a 488d058f6d0300 Lea rax, qword [DS :__ zn27applehdafunctiongroupad19849metaclasse]
0000000000048361 eb5a JMP 0x483bd

; Basic Block input regs: Rax-killed regs: <nothing>
0000000000048264 3d0600de10 CMP eax, 0x10de0006 <=; xref = 0x48198
0000000000048269 7713 jnbe 0x4827e
; Basic Block input regs: Rax-killed regs: <nothing>
2017100000004826b 3d064000010 CMP eax, 0x10134206
0000000000048270 7559 JNE 0x482cb
; Basic Block input regs: <nothing>-killed regs: Rax
0000000000048272 488d05079c0300 Lea rax, qword [DS :__ zn27applehdafunctiongroupcs42069metaclasse]
0000000000048279 e93f010000 JMP 0x483bd
; Basic Block input regs: Rax-killed regs: <nothing>
2017100000004827e 3d6102ec10 CMP eax, 0x10ec0261; xref = 0x48269
0000000000048283 775d jnbe 0x482e2
; Basic Block input regs: Rax-killed regs: <nothing>
0000000000048285 3d3f00de10 CMP eax, 0x10de003f
000000000004828a 0f87af000000 ja 0x4833f
; Basic Block input regs: <nothing>-killed regs: rcX
0000000000048290 8d88f9ff21ef Lea ECx, DWORD [DS: Rax + 0xffffffffffef21fff9] 0xffffffffffef21fff9 + 0x10de0007 = 0
0000000000048296 83f915 CMP ECx, 0x15
0000000000048299 0f87fc000000 ja 0x4839b
; Basic Block input regs: rcX-killed regs: rcX RDX
2017100000004829f 488d15ee010000 Lea RDX, qword [DS: 0x48494]

0x11d41984 ==> 0x14f15051
0x10de0006 ==> 0x10de0002 (0x10de0003-1)
0xffffffffef21fff9 ==> ffffffffef21fffd (0xffffffffef21fff9 + 4) [4 = 0x10de0006-0x10de0002]

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